Domain Names Are Not Valued According To What The Buyer Wants To Do With Them

Buyers like to think that a domain name is valued according to what they want to do with it,  or according to what they can offer that many times is nothing at all.

I get many offers fror people that say that they just want to use my premium 15+ year old domain just for fun. I believe that most of the times this claim is actually the truth. Of course sometimes it is just an attempt to get a domain name for cheap.

But I don’t price my domain names according to how much money the buyer has and I especially don’t price them according to what the buyer wants to do with them.

I got an inquiry and provided a quote only to get this reply:

Thanks for getting back to me, your domain is way over our budget and we feel it’s not worth what you are asking.

I then argued that he doesn’t know what domains are sold for and gave him an example that had to do with his profession:

[…] I don’t think you know how much domain names are sold for, what their value is and how they are used.
I don’t think that you want people emailing you asking for kitchen renovations for $300.

His reply was:

I’m only acquiring this domain for fun and I won’t be using this website to monetize this, I’ll be happy to allocate $1,000 for this but if it’s not to your liking I hope you can sell this at a higher price.

What? I am sorry but a company’s assets such as domain names can not be treated as “fun”. It is fun to you but business to us. And I certainly didn’t ask you what you are going to do with it. I pretty much know what people can do with domains, especially mine.

Domain names are not valued according to what the buyer wants to do with them but according to their actual value. People should really try to first google “domain name prices” before buying a domain name. Do they google “diamond prices”? Yes, they do.

I am sure that offers to buy the domain name for “fun” will go unanswered. Same is true for all premium domains.

Many times I make $25,000 offers on mediocre names and I don’t even get a reply. People should stop going around making $100 and $500 offers on premium domains.

This is the equivalent of asking to acquire the Buckingham Palace to run a fish and chips shop. The Queen wouldn’t think this is fun.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. I agree. I normally say something like – The value of a domain is based on market value, not on the budget or usage of one potential buyer.

    No one walks into a Ferrari dealer and offers $20K for a $300K car because they are only using it to drive to work and back, or $100 for a Rolex because they are only using it to tell time.

    If you have a low budget then go with a low quality cheap domain.


    • Schwartz's Anus

      This is just a stupid silly argument from Mugster
      Usually from people who can’t afford Ferraris. LOL

      Price of a Ferrari is well known because you can buy another of the same model for a similar price.
      Plus price range is well known.

      Not so with domains.
      In most cases, buyer is genuinely un-educated re: domains.
      B/c well, there’s no such thing as “market value”.
      Most people know that is worth millions.
      But what about those that fall farther down in quality…more of a grey area.

      Heck even 2 domainers can’t agree on value – how can you expect the average layman?


      Put your domains on any popular venue at any given time & see what it would sell for – that’s your “market value” LOL
      I bet most domain owners would refuse to sell at those prices.

      • Brad’s analogies make sense. Unless you want to spend hours trying to teach a non-domainer the value of domains, it’s probably the next best thing.

        I guess premium domains could be compared to classic cars. Yes, there is a general market price, but people tend to add or subtract from the base depending on their financial situation.

  2. Very well said Konstantinos. I always think the domain is worth what it’s actually worth and it mostly depends on what the seller is looking for. It’s the seller’s wish to ask whatever he wants. Let’s take an example of which sold for $1 Million. Now most of the buyers interested in buying that domain wouldn’t even bothered to pay in six figs, let alone seven. Seller is in total control of the domain unless he isn’t breaking the law (cybersquatting/holding TM domains).

  3. Its seems just a part of owning a lot of domains is that there are going to be a good number of morons sending pointless inquires. I had three yesterday from people who wanted me to just give them the domain because I wasn’t using it.

  4. Andrea Paladini

    Those people always try to get premium names for cheap, with every possible excuse you can imagine … “for fun”, “I’m a student”, “we are an NGO”, etc …
    Others don’t know how to asses the value of a domain …
    They want to purchase a villa on a sunny Greek island 🙂 paying just for the door … 😀
    LOL@ “This is the equivalent of asking to acquire the Buckingham Palace to run a fish and chips shop. The Queen wouldn’t think this is fun.” That made me really laugh! 😀

  5. Its Domainers Vs Domainers….i know of so many domainers who jump out of their seat or simply write negative stuff on sending them my domains..for them which are not worth the reg price..and the domains they have are not even mediocre but they want Xxxx for them..

    I now strongly believe its cut throat competition as they are 1000 X more domainers compared to buyers and most domain sales dont reach end users and end up with domain resellers who want your good domains for peanuts and resell the same for 20 X

    If anyone shows their frustation on my portolio..i understand that they wished they had the domain..and thats why the pissed off reply.But that wont let me throwaway my valued investment..Cheers

    • If you send your domains to all the domainers then probably these domainers are just against you.

      Don’t sell your domains to domainers so YOU can see these domains for a 20x profit. Easy.

      • great advice konstantinos…but ofyen its hard to figure out whos a broker..but domainer himself…can you someday weite on selling mediocre 2 word keyword domains that mostly fetch 1000 to 5000 usd
        ..any brokers who broker mid level domains or strategies to sell them to end users ..rather than name forums where bids are in single or double figures even for good domains…thanks

  6. michael ehrhardt

    I get many offers fror people ???

    it is from
    your english ( german ) is not very good

  7. You are right Zournas. The Queen will just call you rude.

  8. Schwartz's Anus


    Some of you still have thin skin after all these years…

    It’s like in sales…if you’re “explaining” – you’re losing


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