First guest of the live interview series is announced

The first guest of the live interview series was announced today. After the Adam Dicker “disappearance” from his live interview on a new domain name interview has been scheduled for tomorrow. will be interviewing Page Howe.

Helmuts Meskonis, 2-letter BE domain investor and director of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce for the UK, was kind enough to share the details of the new live interview:

“As some may have noticed, our first #live didn’t go as planned – the Guest didn’t turn up for understandable reasons (you can’t blame the man).

Our first guest will be Page Howe – one of the most positive domain name investors in the world.

To make a short introduction: Page sold, which he purchased for $100,000, for $1.8 million (or $1.5 million after commission). A few months later, he sold for $1 million. He had only owned the domain for about a month. Page is well know for work with LA domains and will gladly answer your live questions on air.

We plan to go Live 9PM UK (London) time.

Please note: Live commenting feature will be available ONLY on Facebook and Youtube live feeds.

The live feeds will be available on Facebook, YouTube, Persicope and Twitter:

Prepare your questions.”


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