DallasCowboys.com sold for $250k in “The League” TV series

I just watched the premiere of season 4 of the “The League” and it was very funny as always. The League is a TV series broadcasted by FX in the United States. The series, set in Chicago, is a comedy about a fantasy football league and its members.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

In the first episode of season 4  Taco starts a business venture that involves singing cowboys delivering bad news. He is looking for a domain name for his business when he realises that the Dallas Cowboys team has allowed their website, dallascowboys.com, to lapse. Taco snatches the domain name up for his own business.

Then Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones calls Taco and flies 5 members of the group, aside from pregnant Jenny, to training camp for a negotiation to the rights of the website. After an executive meeting with “his lawyers,” Rodney and Kevin, Jones gives Taco $250,000 for the domain name dallascowboys.com.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Of course this imaginary scenario would never happen because the domain name  dallascowboys.com would never have been allowed to lapse but…

In 2007 one of the NFL Dallas Cowboys representatives made a bid for $275k in a TRAFFIC domain live auction for the domain cowboys.com. He then retracted the bid because he said that he thought he was buying the domain name for only $275. I am sure that the team has regretted not buying the domain name in 2007, since they just “bought”  dallascowboys.com for $250k.  🙂

Cowboys.com is now a cowboy themed dating website that welcomes both gay and straight men. This fictional sale of dallascowboys.com could even be used as a defense argument in a UDRP or a lawsuit by the owners of cowboys.com.

Password is Taco


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