Uniregistry has a domain name auth code bug

I was moving 115 domains out of Uniregistry today and while doing so I found a bug in their system.

I used the export to CSV tool to get the auth codes for all my domains so I could start the transfers to my new registrar.

At first I noticed that some of the auth codes, that sit at the end of each line, where cut off and were partly on the next cell.

I thought the auth codes were fine so I put the characters together and moved on to start the transfers.

But when I started the 115 transfers on my new registrar I got 18 error messages that my auth codes were not correct.

I then went to Uniregistry and got the auth code manually from each domain. The auth codes looked similar to what I had from the CSV file but not the same.

I found that the Uniregistry system, while constructing the CSV file, when it encounters the character ; in an auth code, it removes it and moves the remaining characters to the next cell. So as you can see above some auth codes where scattered across 2 or 3 cells depending on how many ; each auth had. The 97 domains that had no ; were fine.

This is a easy bug to catch and I wonder why anyone has not noticed this before.

More on moving my (not many) domain names out of Uniregistry soon…


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Came across the same error while pasting in domains & auth codes to transfer domains to Uniregistry. I thought it was a hiccup of sorts, as the codes were accepted. Looks like an easy fix, and I don’t understand the need for semicolons and other symbols in the auth code these days. Should be strictly alphanumeric.

  2. Nobody probably reported because few people leave there after using them

      • …Because of the exceptional sales results, exceptional registrar experience and the exceptional service provided by Uniregistry brokers and support staff.

        I’ve been domaining for more than 10 years and the Uniregistry Market’s integrated system of BIN prices and instant transfer has significantly improved my results. So I’ve moved 1,300 names there so far and 10 more are on the way.

        It’s about giving customers what they want. This successful BIN method resonates with what Paul Nicks just revealed about the NameFind portfolio. (Sales velocity can be 3 to 6X higher with BINs). This is not just Godaddy’s theory, it is empirical evidence backed up by big data and analytics. So NameFind has about 99 per cent of inventory listed with BINs if I remember correctly. (Counter offers seem to be advisable for super premiums.)

        We are talking about one of the world’s most valuable and successful portfolios.

        I just took another look at the last Uniregistry sales report which I think covers about one year. They made more than 1,000 sales above $5,000 and more than 2,000 over $2,000. Consistent great results.

        So I agree with Daniel’s opinion, I don’t know why anyone would leave since both the registrar and the aftermarket component are so good and effective.

      • I am sorry but what does BIN results have to do with Uniregistry? There are many registrars and other services that offer that including Afternic/GoDaddy that you mention. Especially since the landing pages are not customizable and confusing to the buyers most of the times.

        Anyway this goes far deeper than their non-transparent and problematic market.
        I don’t feel comfortable doing business with Uniregistry (mainly because of the company ethics and the current business associations) so I have a plan to leave them completely (New gTLD registry, registrar, aftermarket, etc.) in a few months.

        BTW their sales results don’t really affect me, the registrar is ok but there are lot’s of good registrars out there and I don’t like their brokers.

  3. where are you moving your domains to?

  4. Was the export a CSV or an Excel file though? I’m wondering what type of separator Excel expected if it was a CSV import.

    Sometimes registrars have similar issues with HTML tags or parts there-of in the auth codes.

  5. Konstantinos,

    Thanks for the feedback, it’s appreciated.

    We’ve checked it here, and it looks you may have imported the data using a semicolon (;) as the delimiter as opposed to a comma (,). Our export options are built to properly escape characters like the comma so that csv files work as intended when dropped/opened in a spreadsheet application.

    Feel free to reach out to me if I can be of any further help.

  6. I just manually used to fix it, there have been issues with landing pages going directly to CALL US pages lately, not sure if nobody is paying attention anymore or what?

    Hopefully they get some staffing levels up there, I actually had one inquiry which gets old expiry lead followup where a buyer wanted to buy a domain at ask, and nobody responded to him in 8 days.

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