Future Media Architects (FMA) Transfers 100,000 Domains To Uniregistry

uniregistryFuture Media Architects (FMA) is transferring over 100,000 domains names to the Cayman Islands based registrar Uniregistry.

Uniregistry is a registrar owned by domain name investor Frank Schilling.

Future Media Architects, Inc. (FMA) is owned by domainer Thunayan K AL-Ghanim (aka “Elequa”).

FMA owns domain names such as Ibiza.com, Media.com, Multimedia.com, fm.com mp3.tv, dj.net and i.net. According to Dnjournal it owns more than 1,000 three-letter .coms and more than 2,000 each in .net and .org. Thunayan K AL-Ghanim is known to be one of the rare domainers that is not selling any of his domains.

Thunayan K AL-Ghanim mentioned in an interview at tldinvestors.com back in 2011 that he owned more than 120,000 domain names.

I have written about Thunayan K AL-Ghanim dropping over 2,700 .info domains and over 4,700 .biz domains in 2014 but I bet that he still owns more than 100,000 domains.

I did a sample check on about 1,000 domains and I found that all but three of Thunayan K AL-Ghanim’s domains that I checked have been transferred from Moniker and other registrars to Uniregistry. Considering the problems that Moniker has been having in the past few months I can’t say I blame him.

Even key domains such as fma.com, oxide.com, and FMA.NET have been transfered to Uniregistry. I found a couple of .TV domains that are still at Enom and i.net that is with Network Solutions.

Frank Schilling owns about 400,000 domains and together with his roughly 87,000 New gTLD domains that he has registered from his own extensions then we get to a total of over 500k domains. According to nTLDstats.com, Uniregistry has a total of 133,776 new gTLD domain names registered. So there are a lot of New gTLDs registered at Uniregistry from customers.

I guess Frank’s and Thunayan K AL-Ghanim’s domain names along with the domains of a couple of other big domainers are enough to put Uniregistry in the top 20 registrars in the world in just a few months of opening to the public. The 20th registrar is at about 1 million domains names at the moment.


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  1. Media.com and FM.com are domain inquiry landers. Surprising that it doesn’t first go to parked pages with links… how does he afford to renew them all without parking revenue if he doesn’t sell them either.

  2. You just scooped what was going to be my next article. 😀 Congratulations 😀
    Party.com and Cool.com are now for sale by Elequa, known for his non-selling approach over the years.

    • Thanks Theo.
      You can’t imagine how I found out.
      My wife asked me over the weekend to put a couple of Miro lithographs over the fireplace. I have these for years.
      I wondered who owned the Miro domains. Did a whois and saw that miro.net was owned by Elequa and then noticed that it was registered at Uniregistry.
      I then checked about 1,000 .info, .biz and .net domains and a few of the best of his domains all were recently transferred to Uniregistry.

      I had written 2 other articles on FMA a few months back and transfers had not started then.

  3. Even fma.com lands on an inquiry page, so I assume all these inquiry pages are not intentional and will be ‘fixed’ soon.

  4. I’m guessing he’s getting a better price than $12 per domain.

  5. He’s really a Saudi prince that owns most of the oil you put in your car every day. Domains are a hobby he does with his mad money.

  6. FMA is an internet development company and owner of it ownes lots of domain names… i think he’s getting great price for that .

  7. FMA is selling through DomainNameSales.com.

    RightoftheDot.com co-brokered a domain of their with domainnamesales.com a couple of weeks ago.

  8. Looks like he released Drones.org as well…….

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