Uniregistry Starts Integration With DomainNameSales.com With ‘Uniregistry Tracker’

uniregistryUniregistry is working on the first phase of integration between the DomainNameSales.com platform and the Uniregistry registrar. A new utility called Uniregistry Tracker where you can track your domain names for free was introduced yesterday.

Using the Uniregistry Tracker you can receive updates and keep track of domain names. Now you can track the location and expiration date of each of your domain names, regardless of registrar, and transfer/consolidate them to Uniregistry. To use the Uniregistry Tracker you need an account at Uniregistry.

The Uniregistry registrar offers “low prices on renewals, free whois privacy, a document upload system to keep track of inquiries and legal issues, and two-factor token authentication for security, all for free with your registration.”.

Christmas will be a special time for Uniregistry clients as they plan to roll out a phalanx of industry-first innovations for commercial domain name registrants and domainers.

“We believe our innovations will help you to sell more of your surplus names, for more money, and at greater velocity than via any other marketplaces.” said Frank Schilling.

“We’re very proud that you continue to put your faith in our enterprise and we stand ready to serve you in exactly the same manner that we serve our own portfolio of names.”


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  1. Well we’ve gotten the domain tracker emails and they’re horrible.
    Emails say domains are up for renewals and domains are at 20+ different registrars. In our case all domains are at ONE registrar and nothing up for renewal. It’s very obvious Frank is using a bad whoisAPI provider. There is only one whoisAPI provider that i’m aware off that can do what Uniregistry is attempting to do at scale, and that’s domainTools.com .

    • What is this 1 registrar?
      I am asking because for example I have a few domains at Moniker but these domains are on a bunch of different registrars but managed by Moniker.
      This happens with a lot of registrars such as Go Daddy, Enom, Network Solutions etc.

      Also if you have sold domains and the buyer has not updated whois the tracked could detect those domains.

      There are a couple of other APIs but maybe Frank is using his own systems.

  2. Never trust especially Uniregistry & Godaddy because its my personal experience whenever any new domain names extension I search it shows available status as soon I come back to place order most of them either reserved or DPML. Previously I comment about Godaddy Domains tracking now I experienced same on Uniregistry. Here I am enclosing domain names which I suppose to register now they are reserved

    – Jukebox.audio
    – Telugu.audio
    – Tamil.audio
    – Training.audio
    – Fun.audio

    Anyone of you come across such kind of domain tracking ?

    • This is not what the Uniregistry tracker is about.

    • I agree that this has nothing to do with the Uniregistry tracker, but just to say that I experienced a similar outcome to you with my .audio preregistrations.

      All of the paid preregistrations I made were unsuccessful. At the time I preregistered them my registrar indicated that they were available. But now they show up as reserved by the registry. So I have no .audio domains (and my money back).

      • Same here.

        I thought a registry could only reserve up to 100 names, but apparently there is no limit at all: https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/name-reservation-faqs-08aug14-en.pdf

        And since they waited for the last day to reserve names, we can bet they used our registrar lookups to make their list. Frank really doesn’t want domainers in his TLDs. He is the registry and he gets to keep the most valuable domains, it’s a win-win situation for him.

      • you are 100% right no doubt it Mark because not even single domain I registered with UniRegistry because of their dirty domain tracking games. Resume.link was show open status at the time preregistration by the time I tried to place order it show reserved now they are selling it for 10K

      • It only makes sense to pre-order at the very last day as that is close to when they reserve their domains or let the registrars know what is reserved.
        Registrars don’t know what is reserved 1 month in advance. They just take your money and sit on it.

      • Thanks for weighing in on this Konstantinos.

        I think I remember reading in another post of your recommendation to leave more than 24hrs for safety/technical reasons? I think someone was having trouble with GoDaddy.

        I agree that there need not be any registry involvement, but I think our collective concern is that there’s nothing to stop a registrar logging lookups or preregistrations and then changing the whois status from available to reserved. That does support waiting until the last day.

        (Btw, my post below was meant to be in reply to V Subhash: sorry for any confusion).

      • That was at 101domain in the early days where orders done in last 12 or so hours were not processed by their system.
        I think 1-2 days before launch is ideal unless there are registrars taking only 1 pre-order. There you are taking a chance.

  3. Maybe that is how you run a successful business?

    I feel as though I paid somebody else for the privilege of conducting market research on their behalf.

    To balance things out, although I made no paid “.hiphop” preregistrations, I saw that certain names of interest were available in the GA phase. I wonder how the preregistrants fared.

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