Stuart Maloff’s interview about his domain name business gets published

Stuart Maloff gave an interview about his domain name business on

Stu Maloff is a domain name investor living in Coral Springs, Florida. He is also a full-time teacher currently teaching 3rd Grade Gifted/High Achieving students in Coral Springs, FL.

Stu started domain investing in the year 2000 when he was living in Syracuse, NY when he saw a commercial for a company called Stu was running a popular summer basketball camp at the time and already had a website, but it was through a company that used their own website to promote it.

That night, he registered about 30 or so basketball related domain names to help promote his website such as and His camp website changed from to The domains immediately helped and he started getting campers registered from all over the world.

He then sold one of these domain names and…

You can read his complete interview here.

Stu’s actual company name is Stupendous Domains, LLC, but his domain sales platform is now called You can meet Stu at NamesCon 2018 in Las Vegas as he attends the domain name conference for one more year.

I met Stu a few years back when he was living in Greece for a couple of years. He is truly a great guy and always has a positive attitude.


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  1. Stu is a great guy. Glad to see he is getting the success he deserves

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