An Interview With The “Domain Captain” On Chinese Domaining (video)

China Market Consulting has released a video interview of one of China’s most well-known, influential, and successful domain investors, Peibi Wang 王培陛, or “Domain Captain”, in which he is known locally. Domain Captain is also the Founder of Chinese domain investment forum,

In the interview at his Beijing office, Domain Captain spoke about several aspects of domain investing, including which TLDs he’s been buying, and how the Chinese domain investment space is different in China, as compared to different (western) parts of the world. He also goes into brief details about pinyin names, and how he wants to connect with more western domainers.

This video is just a short (less than 5 minutes) excerpt from that 90 minute discussion. Arto asked a lot of questions, and our colleague Luke provided the interpretation.There is no voice-over commentary or subtitles. It’s easy to follow along and get some sense of how one of the of the most successful domain investors in China operates.


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  1. Firstly, he should bow to the Domain King as a respect ….

  2. China Domain captain is NB!

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