Who won here? New gTLD owner refuses $2,000 offer, buyer goes for .com for $2,100

The owner of the New gTLD domain name howtoget.money got an offer for $2,000 through Godaddy “Domain Buy Service”. The New gTLD owner rejected the offer. He later got email from a GD domain broker but the parties never reached a deal.

The offer came probably from the owner of the domains how2get.money and how2getmoney.com. The owner hand registered the domains in June 2016.

The buyer then went ahead and bought the domain howtogetmoney.com at Sedo for $2,100 last week.

According to sales history howtogetmoney.com was sold for $2,004 in 2009 on GoDaddy. The domain was originally registered in 2001.

The owner of howtoget.money thinks that the whole situation was a win for New gTLDs:
Few days ago I rejected the offer of 2000$ for my domain name “howtoget.money” and buyer bought .com for 2100$ ? This sale in today’s SEDO weekly sales report.
new gTLD – win!

Not sure it was a win for anyone but the buyer that got the .com for only $2,100.

The seller of the .com lost money on the deal if you deduct the Sedo fees. (if he is the 2009 buyer) My opinion is that he left some money on the table. (despite the name of the domain that should have taught him how to get money!) If you can pay $2,000 for the New gTLD then what is your budget for the .com?

He probably also blew the deal for the New gTLD owner. If you can get the .com for $2,100 how much would you pay for the New gTLD?

But you never know. Maybe the buyer will come back. But personally I would have accepted the $2,000 for this domain name.

Who do you think won here?


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  1. The new owner who bought the .com through Sedo won IMO. It’s good he didn’t buy that crappy new gTLD.

  2. Anyway they are too long a domain names that have little value IMO.

  3. The com won here, difficult to compare , for a good ngtld it must be 1kw.1kw

  4. The GTLD is ugly here, totally choppy, I could see Get.Money, which is registry reserved, but howtoget DOT money is so ugly, .com all day $2100, I would have paid double that to be stuck marketing the 3 keywords before the dot

  5. None of the domains mentioned passes the Radio/Billboard test. The winner is the .com seller.

  6. Whoever passed on that $2K offer, needs his head examined, I wouldn’t be bragging about that blunder, does this fool thing the .com owner is going to back the truck up for him now?

  7. I like “How2Get.money” is the best!

  8. Kostas,
    IMHO the buyer of the .com won, seller priced it too cheap. 🙂
    Wrong decision not taking $2,000 for howtoget.money … howtoget.money owner has lost a good opportunity to unload a pigeon shit … 😀

  9. Both the owner of the ntld and the owner of the .com lost out by the sounds of it. Part of the problem is that via Sedo you have no idea who you are dealing with. On one hand, you’re afraid of losing the sale, on the other you don’t want to leave money on the table. Because the identity of the buyer is hidden, it puts you as the seller at a disadvantage.

  10. The seller of the new TLD domain made a serious mistake here as that caliber of name would not normally capture any offers more than perhaps low $XX. They will likely look back years from now wishing they had not overpriced their domain.

    IMO even the .COM domain isn’t really all that great – perhaps the type of name one could sell for low $XXX but not one I would bother to backorder if I saw it in an expiring names list.

  11. What’s better ?

    DroppingToday.com ?


  12. You can say whatever you want… but… this is – REALITY !

    howtogetmoney.com 2009 – sold 2004$
    7 years later 2016 – sold 2100$ (- sedo commisions ~210$) 1890$ – LOST MONEY

    howtoget.money for less than 2 years… I can make extra 2000$ from nothing.
    I didn’t buy this domain for resale. I’m end user, not domainer.

    And this is not first time I reject the offers. Biggest was 30K $ for sex.life
    I think from the same person (first offer was – 3K, then 5K,… 10…20… and last 30 000 $
    But I don’t want to sell best of my domains. )

    • At this point any aftermarket pricing in a year or two for nTLDs is total speculation. Who knows which extensions will go the way of .mobi, .name, etc. The history of .com pricing is not a real comparison.

      Just curious, the landing page for howtoget.money says BIN is $2999. So you would sell for that number? The $2000 offer is very reasonable based on BIN. The buyer would probably go up in price if the .com owner didn’t accept the $2100 offer and perhaps negotiation would have continued. Negotiations for both names were probably going on at the same time.

      Apparently, for one reason or another, the buyer really liked the name. Hopefully you can find another buyer that feels the same way about that name in the future or develop it into a strong brand (which may increase the name’s value). However, if you go the second route, you will likely find some traffic will be lost to the dot com. If you do develop, hopefully you will keep us appraised.

      • The story was… my howtoget.money was on sedo with price of $4999 USD.

        I got the offer through GD “Domain Buy Service” on October 7, first – $1500
        I didn’t respond on it.

        On October 9, offer was increased to 2000$, and at same day I got first email from GD domain broker:

        Hi ! Is HOWTOGET.MONEY for sale? I have a client interested buying the domain name! Our system is designed so you can accept or make counter-offers online to our $2000 USD for your domain. If you’d like to respond online, please use the link below:
        · The buyer has agreed to pay our 20% commission.

        On October 9 , I – counter offer – $9000 USD

        On October 10, I got same offer – $2000, with Comment “This is a super strong offer for this domain. Your asking price at SEDO was way too high… and now to add another $4000

        …and I got second email from GD domain broker:
        “Why is the pricing so dramatically different than SEDO?”

        On October 10, I counter offer – $4999

        And it was LAST price.

        On October 12 I removed domain from Sedo and listed it at Uniregistry market with Buy now price – $4999

        On October 12 the offer through GD was declined

        Thank you for responding to the GoDaddy® Domain Buy Service. We would like to notify you that at this time our client has chosen to decline your counter-offer for domain name HOWTOGET.MONEY and close negotiations. If you would like to continue negotiations with a reduction in the asking price we will notify our client.

        howtogetmoney.com was NOT listed at Sedo, it was simple website. Sedo was used only to close the deal, on October 11.

        Later I lowered the buy now price to $2999.

      • So I am confused.
        Is the domain for sale or not? And if it is (because you have a BIN price now) then is $2999 firm?

      • Yes howtoget.money is for sale right now, but NOT for $2000.

        Few months ago I decided to sell some of my domains, which is not in my “BEST” list. But I have not yet engaged in their sale.

        On October 13, I decreased the price from $4999 to 3999, and then to 2999 on October 18.

        On October 19 status was changed to SALE PENDING “Tentatively sold”

        On October 20 status was changed to SALE PENDING “Awaiting response”
        “Awaiting payment from the buyer”
        “We are waiting for the Buyer to respond to our message”

        I don’t know how it works, I’m doing this for the first time. But maybe Buyer change his mind, or waiting for something.

      • I mean, now selling process continued at Uniregistry market. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in a 5 years… 🙂

  13. I personally would have taken the 2K but if you’re an end user and have plans I understand your position.

    Although I do feel you could have found a better domain to develop your project on, made some extra cash but just my opinion.

    No winner or loser here, owner didn’t want to sell, hmm!

  14. This is not a High Quality investment domain name — But To this End User for there Business Plans — This is a Perfect Domain Name Fit for their Business Situation and Plans — and a Very Good Deal for Them >>> in the DOT COM Domain Name ONLY <<< And Well Worth a quick and Easy Deal at $2000 to them and their Business…

    The gTLD Domain Name Seller should have accepted Quickly in — One Second — any offer over $500 — being that they most likely Paid $30 or less for this New gTLD — probably 88 Cents at NC — before the Buyer Changed his mind…

  15. winners… losers… I don’t think about it… I just do what I do… It was just the answer to new gtld haters…
    And many ngtld haters have ngtld in their portfolio, but they do not talk about it. And many of the big domainers also has them in their portfolios…
    I do not need to look for a better domain name, I already have them. I’m an end user who thinks ahead of time and I do not want to buy them from someone else later, a thousand times more expensive. And I have good .money domains, including – good.money! ) and other domains for big business…

    new.life, sex.life, make.cash, buy.house, cash.today, super.business, tele.marketing, the.company, the.energy, black.coffee, food.world, auto.salon, auto.ltd, cars.ltd, video.vip, usa.sex, usa.money, usa.media, euro.group, euro.money, big.city, new.city, classic.style, etc. etc. etc.

    I have good offers for all of these domains, but they are NOT for sale!

  16. I would have taken $2k for howtoget.money, if it was mine.

    I own howtomake dot money. Zero offers so far (and “how to make money” seems to be a more popular term than “how to get money”).

    • how2make.money – AVAILABLE !!! And this is difference!

      When someone registers a domain “how2make.money”, starts the appropriate business, make a website… then… 😉

    • How to make money – good! But term “how to make money” pushing people to think about WORK to have money, “how to get money” sounds different, much easy way, and push people think about “FREE”, “pay later”, etc. For example “how to get money for college”.

  17. HowToGet.Money might have been a Registry Premium so $2000 is low IMO…. the owner would get offer again from the new owner of HowToGetMoney.com in future i believe

  18. Sorry, have to call shenanigans on this one. No way, no how would a worthless domain like that get a $20 offer, let alone $2k.

    First, the phrase is completely wrong. The correct phrasing is “how to make money”. No one uses “how to get money” unless they’re foreign and using some crappy translator service. Nevertheless, it’s makes no sense in any English speaking market, and an end user would be even more sensitive to the common phaseology.

    Second, notice that the seller is using this discussion thread to pump his/her other worthless gTLD domains above. There’s a saying that essentially says even bad media attention is good exposure. Well, in this case it would be extremely embarrassing to turn down $2k for something that’s obviously worthless. So there must be an ulterior motive…

    However, if this exposure brings attention to the broader range of his reg fee pigeon shit, then that’s what every domainer is looking for…exposure for their domains! If that’s the case then kudos, it’s an innovative way of marketing that I haven’t seen before.

    So bottom line is yeah, for many years we’ve all seen the crappy .com sales on dnjournal in the $2-5k range. But at least they were .coms and have some semblance of usability to an end user out there.

    But pigeonshit.money? I’ve been doing this for 15 years and actually had to look up whether such a TLD even existed. On the off chance that this story is legit, what does that say about the state of the domaining industry these days? Are the quality pickings so slim that folks are truly reaching to the bottom of the barrel to try covering renewal costs?

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