Sedo closing fraudulent buyer accounts

I got an offer for a domain name I have parked at Sedo on Saturday. Although the domain name is good the offer felt a bit fishy. It was a $5,000 initial offer from a buyer from Bangladesh that was registered with January 2014 and had no previous purchases with Sedo.

I made a counteroffer on Sunday but today I got an email from Sedo that the bid thread was cancelled. It was not the buyer that cancelled the bid but Sedo. They said that they were forced to cancel the recent bid thread because the buyer’s account has been closed.

So this seems like the buyer’s account was fraudulent and Sedo reacted pretty fast, considering that the account could have been created on Saturday, and closed the account on Monday. Maybe the buyer’s details were fake, the credit card used stolen or it made too many offers but whatever the reason was Sedo was on top of it. Good work.

Here is Sedo’s email:

Subject: “Cancellation of bid thread for s******”
Dear Sir/Madame:
Thank you for listing your domain “s*******” for sale with Sedo.
Unfortunately we have been forced to cancel the recent bid thread as the buyer’s Sedo account has been closed.
We would like to apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused. For hints on promoting and selling your domain take a look at Sedo’s tips:
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service via
Best Regards,
Your Sedo Team
Customer Support – UK/International


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