Sahar Sarid Thinks Frank Schilling Pulling Out Of ‪#‎DomainingAMA Amounts To A Protest Against Free Speech!

Sahar Sarid thinks that Frank Schilling pulling out of #‎DomainingAMA amounts to a protest against free speech.


Here is what Sahar Sarid wrote on Facebook today:

I saw a post today that someone wondered why I got upset with Frank Schilling from pulling out of #‎DomainingAMA, “He has the right to”. Of course he does, I won’t dispute that. I got upset over it (more disappointed by his actions than upset) because Frank is an old friend and an esteemed colleague, he has a character and is one of the most respected leaders in the Domaining industry. Frank is known to do the right thing, not to be moved by the naysayers and public opinion, and that I always admired in Frank. For Frank to pull out of participating in what seems to be a protest against someone else’s participation, a controversial figure or not, amounts to a protest against free speech, the idea to let someone speak up even if what he has to say may not be popular or what others want to hear. I got many emails and private messages that initially started with “it’s too controversial” and ended up with “you are 100% right, I want to hear what he has to say too”. People deserve the space to speak up without being called names, without being shut down by the trolls and bullies. They deserve a protected space to do just that. Rick Schwartz understood this long ago and provided a protected platform on his message board. If you misbehaved he would cut you off in a split of a second. This is what needs to be done. Let’s be civil, let’s discuss. It’s OK disagree without being disagreeable.

Frank Schilling has the right to do whatever he wants. He didn’t give a reason for pulling out and he didn’t have to. Maybe he didn’t want to be in a lineup with Adam Dicker. So what? Accusing him of being against free speech is a huge leap. He didn’t ask for Adam Dicker to be removed from the lineup.

And I don’t think that Adam Dicker ‘needs’ a space to speak up. He had many spaces and chose to remain silent and instead send C&D letters. And if he wanted a protected space (whatever that is) he could use Instead he chose to close it down.

Sahar Sarid made another post on Facebook yesterday:

My vision for #‎DomainingAMA is bold and unapologetic. Love me or hate me, I will stand for something, for the right thing. For freedom of speech, for freedom of expression. My vision is to provide a medium to share, learn, debate, and explore. Let knowledge flow. Connect others. To shape our future. To build a better future.

It’s up to US now.

Such statements seem a bit odd to me. Words like “vision”, “bold”, “right thing”, “freedom of speech”, “shape our future”, etc., seem like words a politician would use. and I don’t think very highly of them. These words don’t seem to belong to a simple “under construction” domaining website.


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  1. This guy is standing on a soapbox, I wonder though if there’s an audience in front of him or if he’s talking to the wall.

  2. You’re right, Konstantinos. Frank Schilling’s withdrawal doesn’t prevent Adam Dicker’s from speaking. Walking out is itself protected as free speech.

    Adam Dicker had a “protected space” at DNSherpa, where Michael Cyger advertised him and shielded him. Adam was the star of, selling “accreditation as a domain broker”; there Troy Rushton promoted him. He received awards and gave speeches at various domain conferences – all “protected space”.

    Adam owned quite a large space, DNForum. And to this day, he can speak his mind by publishing on any domain in his portfolio he cares to develop. Adam Dicker can share his version events at his own “protected space” and disable comments.

    Really, Adam Dicker has received more protection and more space than almost anybody else in the whole industry. If Sahar Sarid wants to defend Adam and publicize Adam, that’s his own choice. Nobody else is obligated to join in.

    • Sahar is an idiot for standing up for the person who took advantage of us. He claims that nothing has been proven in a court of law against Adam Dicker, but what he fails to do is simply ask Adam Dicker if he took money without delivering services and products and then didn’t return it — except for a few cases, like Frank Schilling. The truth is there. If he’s such a good friend of Adam Dicker, just ask him!

      Michael Cyger is one of the most honest and forthright people in this industry. You make your own bed when you trash talk those who have worked behind the scenes to get retribution from Adam Dicker for us. I suggest you do more research than you have done, lest your reputation be associated with Sahar and Adam Dicker. Speak to Shane Bellone, Shane Cultra and those who know the details.

      • @JD,

        Threats? Why on earth do you dangle this “lest your reputation be associated with Sahar and Adam Dicker”? That doesn’t even make sense. I’ve criticized both of them. Sahar I’ve never spoken to. As for Adam, I was privately advising people not to trust him en before Shane Bellone outed him.

        Michael Cyger is probably honest, but he isn’t forthright at all. That’s not even debatable. “Forthright” means up-front and outspoken. When has Cyger ever spoken out about Dicker? By the time Mike asked Adam Dicker to leave DomainSherpa, he’d heard about Dicker’s misbehavior from many people – “sherpas” included … for months or years.

        Did Cyger tell the public why Dicker was finally asked to leave? That would have been forthright. No, they invented a pretext and hid the truth. That was designed to protect Dicker’s reputation and Cyger’s. Hushing up a scandal isn’t forthright.

        When Dicker was exposed by Shane Bellone, did Michael Cyger speak out directly? No, he kept quiet. In fact, he swept all Adam’s podcasts under the rug. I don’t remember seeing any public statement acknowledging what was happening. Just a cover up that allowed the DomainSherpa brand to continue as if nothing had happened. Is that forthright?

        Subsequently, Michael Cyger even had the bad taste to begin selling a guide to domaining, following in the footsteps of Adam Dicker and Troy Rushton, his business associates and friends.

        Mike made money from Adam Dicker. He shielded Adam from critics, beginning in that very first podcast about cord blood banks. Back then, people called Adam’s bluff about bogus revenue claims; and Cyger basically shouted them down, defending his guest and future sponsor.

        When I say, “Michael Cyger advertised him and shielded him,” that is literally true. Why attack me for telling the truth?

        Listen, I like Mike. But his hands aren’t 100% clean. He regularly deletes comments in order to shield his guests when we challenge their claims. So calling him “forthright” is laughably absurd.

        If Mike has helped people get restitution from Adam Dicker, then I applaud him for doing the right thing. Many of us – myself included – have done that. Since Cyger made lots of money promoting Dicker, he ought to help people. That’s restitution.

        “Speak to Shane Bellone, Shane Cultra …” Shane Bellone and I do talk. As for Cultra, he thinks I’m the antichrist. But he sure praised Dicker:

        “I have received 3 or 4 emails asking ‘Is NameBrokers a scam’ over the last month. … My answer is simple, the people behind it are great people Adam, Troy, and Louise. … [T]here is reason to pay to accelerate your knowledge …”

        Sounds eerily like his endorsement of Domain Name Academy last month. Cultra, Dicker, and Cyger were buddies and partners. They deserve some criticism.

      • Michael Cyger doesn’t have to bad mouth others in public and Frank Schilling doesn’t have to give a reason why he doesn’t want to go on Sahar’s program.

        Without legal proof making that type of statement is tantamount to libel, and neither of them are silly business men. I’m a lawyer, I should know.

        When a sports star or rock star does something wrong, most companies do not make a public statement — they just cut their ties. It looks to me like he’s protecting his audience from falling prey to further lies.

        I have had nothing but fair responses from Shane Cultra too.

        With all due respect, I think your view of this matter is off. The world is not all black. Look to the good in the people that are doing good.

        I am beginning to see which side of the aisle you fall. Shane’s a straight talker. You are not.

      • @Joe Sims,

        “I am beginning to see which side of the aisle you fall.”

        What aisle?

        “Michael Cyger doesn’t have to bad mouth others in public”

        No, he lets his guests badmouth others in public. Then he blocks our replies. For example, Andrew Rosener bragging about how he “nearly ripped [my] fucking head off”. Emphasis on “nearly” – meaning “didn’t”. That was a discussion last Fall (at about hype in the Chinese sector. I predicted prices would decline … as they are doing. But I’m not a “straight talker”. People should trust the guys selling the stuff!

        “Shane’s a straight talker.”

        Ah, so that’s why he deleted all my comments on his blog 1 day. Because he’s a “straight talker”. Serves me right for posting that link to Wikipedia! Citing the population of China (which is half what Shane wrote) was inexcusable of me. “Straight talkers” shouldn’t be corrected when they’re wrong.

        So I deserved it when – 10 minutes later – Shane sent a paranoid letter to Andrew Allemann and Elliot Silver claiming that he’s “afraid what you are going to do to … my family”. That’s not a delusion. That’s not back stabbing. It’s plain old straight talk from a “straight talker”!

        Shane first came to my attention a year earlier after I wrote a article about buying shill bids at Flippa. Plenty of documentation. Shane devoted a full post to attacking me as a “conspiracy theorist”. Completely out of the blue. Coincidentally, Flippa was his sponsor. But that’s just more straight talk from a “straight talker”. Blocking my reply to his personal attack? More straight talk. No need to hear both sides. As log as 1 side is a “straight talker”, that’s all we need, right?

        On the very day Shane announced his new sponsor, Uniregistry, he began stalking my comments about He’d never bothered before. Again, just straight talk from a “straight talker”.

        Put it this way: People asked Shane if was a scam, and he told us all publicly that Adam Dicker was a great guy and that the course is worth paying for. At exactly the same time, people asked me if NameBrokers was a scam; and I told them Adam Dicker wasn’t trustworthy and that the course was a ripoff. Just a coincidence that Shane was praising his DomainSherpa buddies / business associates. Clearly, my advice was wrong. History has proven that Adam is a great guy worth buying expensive courses from – just like straight-talking Shane said.

        Good thing domainers have such a “straight talker” to sell them things! Shame on me for being on the wrong side of the aisle!

      • Joseph – There is no Joe Sims, it is Shane. There are many clues in that reply to come to that conclusion…..Those of us that pay attention agree with you. Shane is far from a “straight talker”, more like a “straight stalker.”

    • Sahar almost made it feel that we lynched Adam and he is the one that is going to save him from the mob. He doesn’t need saving.

  3. Do I and the rest of us really really care?

  4. Yup_ 2 wordy domains will rise in value as they are more descriptive and 4L domains will rise too..


    Hey you all know I broke the news about the DN case.. how come I don’t get any kudos?

    You know if the Communist can get your 1st born child, they can get anything from you and put you in the basement jail.

    Those rich billionaires in China and Russia live in fear day after day because they know their lives can be taken away with a blink of an eye, their fortune can be taken away in a second.

    Your Computer Engineering and Computer Science studies are worthless.
    I have the MBA from DFacademy from Dshepard and now I am earning 6 figures and on my way to becoming CEO of Ass-can

    Everybody has the MBA–my big A==sss

  5. Sahar Sarid

    A month after emigrating from Israel, Mr. Sarid became confused by Manhattan traffic patterns and unknowingly drove the wrong way down East 62d Street before being stopped by the police on York Avenue. When he questioned the order to produce his license, an officer punched him in the arm, he said. He was directed to pull over in a bus stop, he said, only to get a ticket later for illegally parking there.

    Mr. Sarid then climbed out of his car, he said, and refused to get back in, telling the officers he feared getting struck again. That, he said, pushed the officers to kick his legs out from under him, beat him with their fists, handcuff him and twist his fingers. ”Go back to the Middle East,” he said he was told.

    On the way to the station house, the arresting officer warned Mr. Sarid not to bleed all over his cruiser, and then punched him again, he said. Terrified, he began to hyperventilate, and was taken to New York Hospital instead. Hospital records show that he was treated for a bloody nose and abrasions on the cheek and forehead.


      I hardly hate to say it but I am familiar with the mind frame of some of Sahar Sarid’s ‘customers.’ I am one of his non-paying customers you could say. One, whose life has in part been destroyed by his website and I speak for many others. Online dating and respectable employment? Is something I have never known for well over a decade, IN PART because of this person and his cohorts disingenuous, disgusting, greedy, malicious actions and behavior. In short: Parasitic. One can sugar code it with Freedom of Speech all they want. But even that is not free. Especially when used against a demographic that is largely marginalized, disenfranchised, stigmatized, and hurting…were PREYED upon. I am writing this for one reason. That this message makes it to those that are responsible and they do the right thing while they can.
      My experience with went exactly as so. I politely asked them to remove my content. They refused. I said my public record is just that, and I have paid my debt to society and I owe you nothing. I was repeatedly hung up upon while being professional and earnest in my PLEAS. I was threatened that my case will NEVER be removed no matter what money I could muster up, and hung up upon a final time. After being berated and attempted to be extorted for 13K “A deal compared to the 15K I just quoted you cocksucker.” This was said by David Usdan. His voice was recorded and matches video of him, as was his role in the scheme. I feel no pity for him. Those in and copycats, hid like cowards in more ways than one, and every dog has his day.
      I will put it like this. If God asked what I felt certain would happen here? I could look God in the eyes and say, “All 4 in this company are now ‘household names’ for many. The wrong ‘many’ if you will and some are not exactly ‘households.’ Prison, not jail. Jail is for amateurs. The names have APB’s on them. I would be willing to bet 1.8 million in bond money (if I was a betting man) it will occur as follows.
      Administrative Segregation cannot/will not protect them in the long haul of things (Whitey Bulger, Larry Nassar, list is endless) and is going to get treated worse then a child molester when they inevitably go to prison. They will chant their names as they did the Jewish pedophile Larry Nassar when they go to quarantine for a couple months before they ship them to their final destination. The moment they are out of their cell they will be attacked like anyone else who has an APB on their head. As did Nassar, and it won’t stop no matter there they relocate them. Prison politics and word passes (ironically) just as quick as the internet, if not quicker. These are high value targets and EXTREMELY unique ones. He may attempt to pay for protection but it won’t help. In fact it will make his dilemma worse. Here is why and how. First off he (Sahar Sarid) has ‘King Rat’ status (a fair assumption to make above that of Sammy Gravano, as Sahar violated nearly EVERY INMATE IN AMERICA) and prison code inevitably will have him marked for death. I am only making a fair argument here that there truly is no ‘safe’ institution for him to go to. Unless they bury him under the prison with Ted Kaczynski or send him off to a ‘camp’ like Bernie Madoff. But unlike Bernie, nobody will be asking him for advice or protecting him because of who he/they victimized. There is no Robin Hood appeal what so ever. He will inevitably be extorted for protection. Old mafia tactic, (and ironically done with John Gotti by white supremacists) is those who protect him will order an attack on him (John Gotti was severely beaten by radical/black/Muslims) and in turn proves he needs protection. They will desire more and more and the cycle never ends. Again, the irony will not be lost when this finds it way to those responsible.
      This guys name is public now, and so is his smart mouth friend Dan who bullied, disrespected, berated, and extorted THE WRONG PEOPLE and a lot of them. The guy made his bed for sure on this one.” Those would be my words to God if asked.
      I have witnessed first hand ‘undesirables’ who were no where near the notoriety of a ‘King Rat’ status suffer the following:

      Their food will be ‘stink-fisted’ regularly. Those feeding him will wipe their rear or out right put feces in their food resulting in acute food poisoning.

      If they ‘press their bunk’ and refuse to come out of their cell for recreation. They will have feces and urine thrown on them.

      I witnessed a child molester (after the fact) doused with petroleum jelly after it was microwaved to a boiling point and the persons skin came off in sheets. (Keep in mind. The child rapist had one victim, and MANY people feel slowly raped by extortion sites, and 100% of them will be make up his/their new neighbors.)

      Stuck. Sliced. A master lock, cue ball, or other blunt object in a sock over the head and body.

      Simple brutal fist fights will be the least of his/their worries as they carry no real punishment or recourse…and lets face it. None of these guys can fight or are in shape. It wouldn’t help anyhow.

      Anything they buy from commissary will be stolen. Their property destroyed (TV, clothes, ect..)

      Rape is common, but once again I have seen the photos, video, speech, behavior, and conduct of the ‘alleged’ criminals, so I’m not sure this will be reported or unwelcomed. Reporting anything will quickly be learned is not an option.

      Keep in mind criminals have nothing but time on their hands. They desire entertainment. This can manifest in many ways, so the list is endless in this situation. Again, this is a unique case! I am hard pressed to say may go down as some of the most loathed sort the system has ever seen. Every inmate can attest to his/their ‘work’ done at ALL OF THEM. It is wild to even the craziest inmate that and the like never REALLY got the full scope of how horribly this could all end. One would think, clearly nobody is that stupid!?!? But sadly for them. They did know. Hence why they tried to cover their tracks in elaborate ways, and never thought the FBI and everyone on down would gain interest. Anyone who thought this was going to end well, that their was no wrong doing of any kind going on here? I cannot stress highly enough, rethink your scruples and mindset.
      There is a silver lining though! As much as I loathe him/they, him/they still has chance for redemption. In the eyes of God and those they victimized. Even amongst active/non-active criminals, inmates/non-inmates, law enforcement, criminal enforcement, court officers, criminal officers, and by and large those who paid their debt to society in one form or another. One beautiful thing reigns king: The Truth.
      Do not hide behind Freedom of Speech. Its far too beautiful a right and freedom, to be mucked up with out right extortion and illegal shenanigans that go along with trying to hide ones identity and money. Those with a spine don’t do that, because there is no need to. Explain that. Those who are affiliated in ANY way with the accused, should run like the plague from Sahar Sarid and his cohorts, and many are. No need to for passports, no need for lawyers, no need for hiding any more. Take down ALL of your inmate extortion sites. I have a list that David Usdan gave me on the phone that are not mentioned in your indictment. This advice isn’t going to cost 13K “A deal compared to the 15K I just quoted ya cocksucker.” Its free. Take down ALL of your ‘Mugshot Extortion’ and related websites. Fire your lawyers, and get your bond money back, and give all of the proceeds you acquired in your wrong doing. And give it back to those you victimized for so many years. It will not go unrecognized! I would be my life it would stun the judge, those you victimized, and anyone who learns of it, and it will change your fortune and reputation like you would never believe. So you take a couple lumps and do a little time, but your cases are going to stack, state to state. The whole country is looking to take a piece of your ass on both sides of the law. Lets face it. You jackwagons have fucked up big. Real big! You have the Feds on you (and they have a 99.8% conviction rate), and its going to get worse if you don’t make it better. Words to live by: Do the right thing.

      P.S. A great start would be manning up and pulling down my profiles you have laced all over the internet for DUI. I just gave you folks the best advice you are never going to hear. I will leave my name and email if you have any questions. Otherwise, I can’t help but think of this oh, so fitting scene from a great movie. Enjoy some TRUE Freedom of Speech in the meantime.

  6. If is a guest on #DomainingAMA, I’m listening.

  7. Frank has done the right thing, I hope he distances himself from anything to do with Sahar Sarid.

    Sahar is asking him to stand next to a thief on his show. Also given what Sahar has done to people (through, who would want to publicly associate with someone like that?

  8. @Joseph P. Thank you for trying to keep them honest!

    @Sarid – You’ve said: “Love me or hate me…” have you forgotten the third, and by far the most probable option: Ignore me?

  9. Adam Dicker is a crook! Sahar is even a bigger crook. Both are going to prison, Dicker for fraud, and Sahar for extortion from FBI/FTC have there case building against both. DomainShane is just a moron who has no credibility in this industry who deletes comments when challenged.

    Your a great person Konstantinos you keep it real, and earning the respect of many in the industry!

    • Domain Shane was pumping Chinese domains hard, very dangerous game he was playing with newbie mindsets. They are getting torched right now, and he is all ho hum, time to go plant some trees.

  10. NameInvesting is becoming like a soap-opera ?!

    This Fall, “I know what you registered last summer”


  11. Konstantinos is hilarious as always.

    Precise and to the point. Keep it up!

  12. Sahar has vanished from FB.

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