.SITE Gets 140,000+ New Domain Registrations In 24 Hours

.site that was launched by Radix a few months ago saw an enormous surge in registrations on Wednesday morning. The TLD received over 140,000 new domain name registrations in a single day.

The large jump in registrations can be attributed to a high demand for Pinyin Acronyms in .site from the Chinese market. .site has been amongst the most sought after TLDs in the Chinese market primarily due to the short length of the TLD.

The .site zone now stands at 301,000 domains in total and the TLD has climbed up to the 8th largest nTLD leaving behind TLDs like .bid, .link and .click.

.site is also the 10th most used new TLD according to Namestat.org and has been a part of the CSC Alternative TLDs (based on CSCs new gTLD Utilization Report) for the last 6 months.


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  1. You are talking about registrations costing 80 cents, the Chinese are gambling, nobody ever called them
    Smart Gamblers.

  2. .SITE has some merit. But gambling is the right word for what’s going on with Chinese registrations in this and many other nTLDs. At this point, there is almost no short-TLD slot machine into which they won’t pour buckets of small change.

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