Jeffrey Emerick: “Hardcore Hustling Tactics to Buy and Sell LLLL .com Domains”

jeffrey-emerick-225x225I met Jeffrey Emerick last year at NamesCon 2015 in Las Vegas.

He was just getting started in domain names but his seemed to be motivated to succeed. I remember he was really into Bitcoins at the time and buying bitcoin domains.

After talking to him again this year at NamesCon he still owns a few. It was great seeing Jeffrey again this year and discovering he was doing so good. Oh, and this year I got his business card! 🙂

Jeffrey Emerick is now a domain name investor who specializes in LLLL .com domain names.

Jeffrey can be contacted at Jeffrey (at), through his NamePros account @Domainzy. You can view his BrandBucket domains at

Jeffrey Emerick was on a video with Michael Cyger on January 4th. I video I missed like a few other people did too, probably because of the holidays. The video is about “Hardcore Hustling Tactics to Buy and Sell LLLL .com Domains” and is a must watch to all people coming into domaining.

After buying and selling LLLL .com in the past year he made $20,000 in profit and but also currently owns 189 LLLL .com domain names. He got all these by selling 147 LLLL .com domains. These 189 domains are worth at least $60,000 wholesale in today’s market.

His first flip was $15 to $45. He then repeated that process more than 100 times as the market increased. Here’s his story.


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  1. Great interview. He’s done a great job and it proves that anyone can enter the market and do well with focus and hustle.

  2. Great timing to get into a year ago.

  3. Nice guy. Passionate about what he does.

  4. @Konstantinos Im glad you finally got a business card :p Thanks for this! What a great surprise! 🙂

    NamesCon was amazing! Cant wait for next! I might be at a booth next year 😉

    @Joseph Peterson Thanks! I had a good time getting to know you in Vegas!

    Thanks @Domains and Steve!

    2016 is starting to be even better than 2015!! I wish everyone a prosperous and exciting new year!

    Happy Domain Investing!

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