“Learn how to save money and sell domains” – GoDaddy (video)

godaddyThis is the 2nd of the videos of the latest Go Daddy video series called On The Dot. This video is called “Learn how to save money and sell new domains like a boss with the Discount Domain Club.”

The video features Joe Styler, Aftermarket Product Manager at GoDaddy/Afternic, and Sarah Ptalis, Aftermarket Director of Product Management at Go Daddy and Afternic.

At 14:15 of the video my sister website Sold.Domains gets a shoutout for which I am really grateful to Joe!

Here is the very interesting video:

You can watch the other 2 videos of the series here:

“How To Value A Domain” With Page Howe & Ammar Kubba

Buying Domains in GoDaddy’s Aftermarket (video)


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  1. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the comments and for working on sold.domains. It’s a great resource.

  2. Due to multiple applications following domains are in auction with Minimum Bid 1000$ at Godaddy

    – Cheap.miami
    – Office.miami
    – Offices.miami

    click to open the screen shot : http://www.redefineweb.com/miami.jpg

    Its ridiculous and shocking to see minimum bid 1000$. For me cant afford to participate in auction till now No bids on any of the above domains let see how other applicants react to minimum bid.

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