Apple Unveils New Payment System ‘Apple Pay’ – Has Been Registered And Used Since 2002

applepay_logoApple held it’s 2014 live event today at Cupertino, California. Apple announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus together with Apple Watch.

Apple unveiled it’s new payment system called Apple Pay but the exact match .com domain name has been registered since 2002 and is being used by a company offering payroll services. The company is actually called AppleOne Payroll Services and is part of the AppleOne, Inc. which in turn is part of the ACT•1 Group.

The company actually owns and operates both and but the domains are being used serving different services.

Because the company owns both domains I think that it would be an easy decision to sell the domain if a significant offer comes from Apple.

The payroll company also owns and

Apple managed to register a few ApplePay domains today such as,, etc.

It is also interesting to see if people are going to call the new service iPay and the new watch iWatch in line with the all the other Apple “i” products. Apple does not own any of the domains and

As mentioned above Apple announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and the new Apple Watch:









I did a fast non-exhaustive search on iphone 6 and apple watch related domains and it seems that all are taken years ago. And not by Apple. Most of the domain names are parked:

Will Apple attempt to get any of these domains with a UDRP? It remains to be seen.


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  1. The AppleDrone or iDrone will be the next big announcement……Apple is positioned well for both the software and hardware needed in the drone industry……

  2. Nice post….. it would be exciting to see that will Apple get any of those domains which already has been parked.

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