Apple is going after misspellings of with UDRP

Apple is going after misspellings of its official website using UDRP complaints.

Apple, Inc filed 2 UDRP complaints for the domain names (k is next l in qwerty keyboards) and (w is next to e).

The domain name was registered in 2001 and is owned by a Hong Kong company and is parked at Sedo and offered for sale. The iphone related ads may hurt the case in UDRP.

The domain name was registered in 2000 and is owned by a person in California and is parked at Bodis and is also for sale. This domain also has apple related ads.

Apple is no stranger to UDRP having filled 31 complaints since 2008. Apple has won every case. They won a couple other misspellings such as and Also the complaints for the domains and were terminated probably because the owner gave the domains to Apple.


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