Pharmaceutical companies filing a lot of UDRP complaints

I was going through UDRP complaint fillings and noticed that a lot of pharmaceutical companies are quite active in filing complaints lately. There was always a company that was going stronger at one time or another but this time there are multiple pharmaceuticals filing 10s of UDRP complaints.

Sanofi has filed for more than 350 URDP complaints in the past 10 years. From in 2003 up until in December 2013. Sanofi has won most of the complaints with the latest being sanofi-sun .com. Very few UDRP complaints from Sanofi has been denied including the complaint for the domain name sinofn .com. This was great decision that displays what a Panelist’s job includes: investigation and critical thought. Good job from Panelist Susanna H.S. Leong.

Pfizer Inc. has already won 2 UDRP complaints (for  and for pfizerlegaldept .com/pfizerltd .com) in 2014, for a total of over 90 since 2000.

Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. has won 5 UDRP complaints in 2014 and has filed a total of more than 180 complaints since 2003. I am not sure why these 5 complaints (eg. for accutaneus .com) were not part of a single UDRP complaint since all domains are registered in the same registrar, all under privacy with no real name revealed, and all include the same circumstances and the same Roche trademark. Actually 4 out 5 were decided by the same Panelist.


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