Believe.Anything: “.com is good for all businesses .xyz is good for online websites. Period.”

Sometimes I get some comment that I think is priceless. I think that all people should read these comments and share them with the world. Yes, I am kidding about the sharing part…

Here is Vinny, the “SEO expert”, and the comment he made on my post .XYZ is DEAD – DISASTER! Daniel Negari Exposed! .XYZ down to 34th place! Where is

.com is good for all businesses .xyz is good for online websites. A little bit of (whitehat) SEO with keyword in domain and there you have it. For example your not number 1 for “online domain” but you are for “onlinedomain” meaning you lack SEO skills. I 110% bet you if I registered I would rank no1 in just a few weeks for “online domain” and “onlinedomain”. Point being .xyz is great for online purposes. Peroid.

Making a stupid statement, assuming something out of your ass, challenge to a bet you never intent to make and will 110% lose, and then again making a stupid conclusion based on no facts whatsoever. That more or less describes the whole .xyz marketing plan.

This is the target group for .xyz: misinformed and ignorant people that would believe anything. Sure, domainers can probably make some money flipping .xyz domains to these people. Why not? But making comments like “.xyz is the .com killer” are just laughable. Oh wait… Daniel Negari said that and people believed him: “Believe.Anything”.

When I hear these comments “.com is good for all businesses .xyz is good for online websites.” it makes me wanna laugh and puke at the same time. What does this even mean?

Hmmm: “.com is good for all businesses .xyz is good for online websites.” The only logical conclusion it that “.xyz is NOT good for ALL websites”. Is that what you are trying to say here Vinny?

He replied:

Konstantinos, your negativity towards .xyz is soo overwelming I can almost feel your bad energy coming thru my latop. As an SEO expert like myself I anaylize alot and realise .com is not as great as people like you think. Yea sure they’re great for remembering for offline businesses and what not but in online world I could have “onlinedomain.mrnegative” and still outrank a .com domain you got to move with the times my friend don’t be a dinosaur, adapt like the crocodiles and embace change.

God, I wish I had this: onlinedomain.mrnegative. I could have been #1 in Google!

Here is the new .xyz slogan:
Believe.Anything or (I bought that. I was just sitting there. Thanks Vinny.)



About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Glad to see you are getting more and more advertisers.

    Continued success.

  2. Good news… is available.

  3. Nobody has proven to me that any gTLD is better than another yet nobody has proven to me that it sucks either. All opinion so far and that opinion is worth the same as the resale of an .xyz.

    • Better in terms of what? In search engines? Value potential? People remembering it? Something else?

      This is not about what the resale .xyz is. As I said people can make money with .xyz as with anything else.

      This is about believing that because you got “onlinedomain” you are going to outrank me in a couple of months. That is not even opinion. That is plain stupid.

  4. And congrats on the new advertisers. You deserve it for all the hard work

  5. At Bing & Yahoo an exact match domain still carries significant weight. While I am not a fan of XYZ it is possible that with all these new TLDs launching, it will become more difficult to rank at Bing & Yahoo as there will be more exact match options available. Of course many of the new TLD registrants are newbies who won’t be developing anyway.

  6. Believe Anything

    ‘Believe Anything’ – uhhh O.K…..It is always best to “believe anything”. I “believe anything” and will be riding a comet to the next galaxy when it comes near earth early next year. I am not sure the name of the comet, but we can call it XYZ for now…..Would anyone like to join us on the XYZ comet?

  7. I wonder if this ‘expert’ is one of the many Seo Spammers on my Blocked List … Seo = Spam

  8. I agree with vinny that new gtlds will be able to compete in the search engines where keywords have a huge advantage He also said .Com is Great for “remembering offline businesses” Strange he said that because what’s the difference between remembering an offline or online business name? They are both in the same language right? Anyways He says .com is great then he says “.com is not as great as people like you think” Why all this double talk?. Oh yeah I know, ITS JUST BUSINESS.

    • I don’t understand what Vinny says because he doesn’t even know what he is saying.
      If he was so good at SEO he would have used “” to outrank for books many years before.

      “Strange he said that because what’s the difference between remembering an offline or online business name?”:
      Well, what is it Vinny?

  9. I am not sure if made it perfectly clear but Vinny’s statement does not mean anything to me.

    “.Com is good for all businesses”: so why use anything else?
    “.xyz is good for online websites”: aren’t .com websites online?
    Aren’t all businesses with a website online?

    I don’t think this is even about .xyz, it is about Vinny’s expert abilities at SEO.
    He can turn shit into gold! Hurry people!
    This is about saying bullshit trying to sell your services or product. Reminds you of anyone?

    And if you want to prove that New gTLD domains are as good as .com in search engines why pick the worst New gTLD available? Just to make a point?
    OK. You outranked me. Now use a better domain because the one you picked sounds stupid, unprofessional and no one remembers it. Actually some people think it is a joke or an example of a New gTLD like .anything. Use .club. It is 100 times better.

    And it is sad that people believe that just because they can get they think that they can outrank my website with thousands of posts and comments. This is what all the SEO scams are about. This is their target group. I get 10s of these every day.

    People think that New gTLDs are their chance to compete with Amazon and eBay by outranking them in a couple of months for “books” or “auction”. Wake up!

    New gTLDs are about finding a domain you like. If it is shorter and easy to remember then that is even better. New gTLDs are not the holly grail. They will not make you millionaires in a day because you have Vinny on your side.

  10. Konstantinos is not attacking the same industry that puts food on his table. As he stated he has invested in plenty of the new gTLDs. The only gTLD he’s hammering down is .xyz. Most likely reasons?
    1. The shady marketing tactics that .XYZ used in partnership with Netsol.
    2. The lying of Daniel Negari (ceo of .xyz) concerning their “real” registration numbers.
    3. The extreme arrogance and naivety of Daniel Negari.

    Actually, for the above reasons, Konstantinos is not the only one hammering down on .xyz, it’s most of the domaining community (myself included).

    • Elena, I am sure that Savio knows nothing about what you are talking about.
      He has no idea why and how .xyz is at the top of the ranking for new gtlds in terms of registration numbers.
      And I bet he doesn’t want to know either.
      Ignorance is bliss.

  11. What is your real name Savio D’Silva and where are you from?

    If you don’t answer all your comments will be deleted within 2 hours.
    That is enough with internet scammers.

    Savio whatever, didn’t post his real name and his location so all his comments and threats were deleted.
    Good riddance.

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