Afternic responds to my New Afternic Review

On Monday I posted an extensive review on the New Afternic. It seems that Afternic is addressing the issues I pointed out and yesterday Afternic responded to my review by posting this comment:

Thank you for taking the time to write this review of the new We are always happy to get feedback, and we look forward to improving the product on an aggressive schedule.

Here are some specific comments regarding the points you made.

1) TLD Selection for search has been updated as you noted was needed and will be released this week.

2) When filtering, you can access “starts with…” and “ends with…” keywords by typing the keyword in the “Keywords” box at the top of the filters list, hitting the Enter key, then clicking on the word “Contains:” This will display a drop-down menu with more options, including “Starts with:,” “Ends with:,” and the new, quite powerful “Excludes:”

3) The “Make an Offer or Bid In Auction” column in the search results table show the details pertaining to the two scenarios that the domain may be in – available, or in auction. We absolutely will not start an auction from a very small offer if that doesn’t fit your prerequisites set previously. We will be looking at making this clearer in the future.

4) We understand your concerns about privacy, and are adding Privacy Filters that will be released this week.

5) New offers received can be found on the dashboard. Older offers received can be viewed under “Offers – Selling Offers” section of the Member Center.

6) Price Request – This is a known issue. We have a fix for this that will be released this week.

7) Portfolio – We are working to strengthen this tool so users never feel they have to download and edit a CSV as the most convenient option, but that option remains available. Sorting by domain status is a high priority for us, and are working on it this week.

Beyond these items, we will be continuously improve the site and have a long list of future enhancements planned.

Thanks for being an Afternic domain seller, and for taking the time to give us this detailed feedback.

You can reach the product team directly by emailing or support at for assistance.

Please click here if you want to make a comment or you want to see the review and my reply to the comment above.


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