The new Afternic – Redesigned website coming next week

We just got a press release from Afternic. A couple of days back Afternic announced the launch of NameFind, a one-stop, name generation tool. Next week Afternic will launch the new and redesigned Afternic. Afternic is promising a centralized Offer Area to allow easy management of offers and price requests and a new simplified escrow process.

It is true that the Afternic website was in desperate need of a redesign. The old offer/counteroffer system was very complex to both buyers and sellers. I have been working with Afternic for many years and I still don’t know how it works. Also the escrow process was in need of the simplification needed to reach the higher standards offered by other marketplace companies. I look forward for these changes next week.

Here is the complete press release:

Our dedication to your success doesn’t stop at the launch of NameFind, which we invited you to explore earlier this week. Soon you will be seeing a whole new Afternic, developed especially for you. Next week we will be launching the newly redesigned, saturated with novel features and upgrades to make selling your domains even easier than before.

The new Afternic is a clean, simplified, improved user experience for both buyers and sellers. The Member Center has been upgraded to include personalized Member Portfolio Pages to feature domains from your portfolio, Domain Profile Pages for all active domains, Parking Management allowing editing and viewing of all parking data, and a centralized Offer Area to allow easy management of offers and price requests. In addition to these upgrades, the new Afternic features a simplified escrow process, and an improved shopping cart experience with tiered service pricing.

As a current Afternic member, all your information and domains will be transferred seamlessly to the new Afternic, with nothing required of you. Next week we will be sending out another email with specific information on what to expect when you log on to the new site, and more detail on the new site features. We hope you enjoy the upgrades we have developed for you, and should you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Afternic continues to be the premier full service domain marketplace.

The Afternic Team


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