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Escrow.com Introduces New Live Chat Feature

Escrow.com started offering live chat support. You just click on “Chat with Escrow.com Support”, when you have logged into your Escrow.com account, and you enter your question. A member of the Escrow.com staff will reply.


Just a few weeks back Escrow.com started offering a new Concierge Service that assists sellers and buyers to transfer domain names. The person starting a new domain name transaction will now have to choose between two options: the Standard Service and the Concierge Service.

Escrow.com was recently acquired by Freelancer.com and is fast to make many improvements. Some of them were suggested here but Escrow.com is doing a lot more.


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  1. That’s fine. But, what is most desired by consumers is the fast and sincere response to their support request by email. This the basics.

    • Non-native speakers of English are not really good at live chats in English. And take into account that these consumers will take a larger portion of the company’s clients. It’s funny that Western companies want to do business with Chinese customers, but their thoughts are limited within anti/non-Chinese ideas and behaviours.

    • Yes, I asked for a proper support ticket system.
      I bet they will deliver.
      But they always reply to my support tickets as it is. And not with a “robot” first reply.

  2. The chat is useless. They can’t action anything about a transaction. Must email.

  3. I don’t think the concierge service should be a percentage of sales rather a fixed fee, what is the difference between holding and transferring a $10,000 domain compared to $100,000 domain?

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