GoDaddy increases commissions to 25% unless you use their nameservers

Big change in domain name sales commissions at GoDaddy, Afternic, Dan and Uniregistry.

GoDaddy announced today that their are increasing domain name sales commissions to 25% unless you use their nameservers. If you do use their nameservers for your domains for sale then the commission drops to 15%.

The change applies to all domains listed for sale on GoDaddy, Afternic, Dan and Uniregistry.

Before Feb 1, 2023:

The commission rate is dependent on the price the domain sold for.

  • Sale price: $0 to $5000 — Commission rate: 20% ($15 minimum)
  • Sale price: $5,001 to $25,000 — Commission rate: $1,000 plus 15% of amount over $5k
  • Sale price: $25,000 and over — Commission rate: $4,000 plus 10% of amount over $25k

DAN’s commission is currently 9%.

After Feb 1, 2023:

On February 1, 2023, the following commission structure will go into effect.

The commission rate is dependent on where the domain’s nameservers are pointed to at the time of sale (US$15 minimum).

  • Domains using GoDaddy brand aftermarket nameservers that point to a GoDaddy For Sale Lander: Reduced flat, 15% commission rate.
    15% of sales price for domains sold pointed to nameservers at Afternic, Dan, or Uniregistry Market; regardless of where it sells on the network or through landers directly.
  • Domains not using GoDaddy brand aftermarket nameservers: Standard flat, 25% commission rate
    25% of sales price for domains sold that are not pointed to nameservers at Afternic, Dan or Uniregistry Market.

GoDaddy brand aftermarket nameservers will end with the following:


Here is what GoDaddy said about the commission increase:

“Over the last few years, it has been exciting to be a part of and help drive the growth of the domain aftermarket.  As we invested in our platform and integrated Dan and Uniregistry Market, we delivered positive changes, like a redesigned domain management interface, higher converting buy-it-now landers and an expanded distribution network that helps drive more sales for you. ”

“Currently, each GoDaddy owned marketplace uses a different commission structure, causing confusion for sellers and adding unnecessary friction.  There is a need for us to align the various commission structures to a single plan.  Doing so makes pricing simpler for you, as you can be confident you will receive the same amount, net of commission charged, across all marketplaces. ”

“This new commission model rewards those choosing to do more of their business with GoDaddy auctions using, or through any of our For Sale Lander options with a reduced commission on their sales, regardless of where it is sold.  For those already using our For Sale Landers with Afternic, this will be a significant reduction in commissions versus the current 20% commission rate for the average sale.”

More on this change tomorrow…


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  1. 25% is a huge commission charge. Many domain investors surely will look for alternative ways to sell their assets.

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