Monte Cahn sells domains for and New Ventures Services

Wow!!! This post started out completely different that what it turned out!!! So…

Monte Cahn, Director / President of, announced the sale of the domains and for 6 and 5 figures respectively. sold for $276,077.45 and sold for $60,029.60.

Currently redirects to a default landing page at Network Solutions and goes to an Efty landing page and whois is not much help so we don’t know who the buyers are. was originally registered in 1995 and in 1999. was owned by “Cogent Investment Operations Limited” and according to ownership changed to New Ventures Services, Corp in May 2019. So was sold by Monte Cahn on behalf of New Ventures Services, Corp.

According to was owned by up until last year by, Inc. At one point it was expired and it was going to auction at Namejet and then whois changed.

After some digging it seems that removed from the coming Namejet auction and into its own portfolio at New Ventures Services, Corp. Although whois for was/is hidden the timing of nameserver change, the fast that both and changed to the same nameserver and the fact that Monte Cahn sold both domains means that New Ventures Services, Corp owned too.

BTW the domain had many pre-bids at Namejet going up to $46,000 but it does not seem to have been auctioned off. was in the auction list for the Namescon 2020 auction and had a reserve in the $100-$500k range. It had a $210k bid but didn’t sell.

For those that don’t who New Ventures Services Corp is… New Ventures Services Corp is the domain name warehousing company of Network Solutions/ / aka Here here more from Jamie Zoch.


Namejet sucks.

Network Solutions sucks! sucks. sucks!

NamesCon auction sucks.

ROTD sucks!

GoDaddy must seriously consider choosing a different auction partner if another NamesCon is ever happening in the future. Same thing. Too many years. Sorry.

Over and out.


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  1. Need to do something about warehousing. It’s getting worse.

    Instead of action, I find hypocrisy. Here is a UNI article from June 9

    He is complaining about a domain he wanted (dropping). Turns out it was a registry premium. He will “never” do that again.

    Breaking news: It’s about to get WORSE for your beloved .com, this warehousing!

  2. It’s Jamie Zoch, not Jamie Joch.

  3. “GoDaddy must seriously consider choosing a different auction partner if another NamesCon is ever happening in the future. Same thing. Too many years. Sorry.”

    Why? godaddy are selling other peoples names off and keeping the money every day of the week.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Well for starters because NamesCon auction sucks for years now and everyone thinks so.
      Friends, registries, and that is about it.

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