CSC moves from a New gTLD to a .com domain

CSC, a brand protection agency (among others), announced today that its branch is moving from a New gTLD ( to a .com ( domain.

CSC started using the (long) .services domain name in 2016 but now they have chosen to retire it.

“We’re retiring to give you a more user-friendly interface at”

The now redirects to the new .com domain the company is using.

They moved from a 23-character domain to a 9-character domain name. (including the extension)

“From the trusted provider of choice for Forbes Global 2000 companies, this more user-friendly site is filled with information you need to secure and protect your brand. You’ll experience a brand new look and feel, at-a-glance facts and figures, learn about the latest digital threats, access our trusted resources, and see what our customers are saying.

Visit the site to learn more about our core solutions: domain management, domain security, and brand and fraud protection.”


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  1. From worst to worst….

  2. Hard to believe that a company that deals with major corporations, advices on brands, watches over
    thousands of domains can’t get for themselves a decent domain, easy to remember, with a meaning or
    at least short.

    Just imagine a conversation with an executive we can manage your brands, your domains, etc
    what’s your name and email joedoe@ c s c d b s . com

    Free advice: They could look into “CSC brands” seems to be for sale with a contact form
    without the BS at the end.

  3. They likely moved to the new tld to try and help sell new tlds to clients. 4 years later that area is now a bust and something they probably want to distance themselves from.

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