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947 1-character new gTLD domains no longer in the zone

Andy Brier of and Name Metrics Ltd made a blog post that lists 947 one character new gTLD domains that were once registered but are no longer in the zone.

They are now either fully deleted and available to register or reserved by the registry. Not sure if the list includes domains that are actually registered but don’t have nameservers and thus not in the zone files.

The list includes domains from Donuts, Uniregistry, .XYZ and several other registries. Many of the domains were once registered by the respective registries (.e.g. Uniregistry) that decided to delete them and list them for sale using their registrar network.

Typical registration and renewal prices for one character new gTLDs vary from $220 for through to $55,000 for

I wrote an article last month about many 1-character new gtld domain being auctioned and sold as the renewal time is closing in. High priced premium renewals are not sustainable for many people.

Andy has made a lot of changes on and more are on the way as he said here. Keep up the good work Andy and congrats on the new domain name

Here are a few of the 1-character (1-letter or 1-number) domains in the list:


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  1. Kind of defeats the purpose of a short name when there are more than 3 characters to the right of the dot. Cctlds are the shortest possible names on the planet and most have very inexpensive renewals.
    10/yr renewal 🙂

    • One character new GTLDS are attractive for companies and formal domain investors , not for the hobbyists or low income domainers. The improve on the one character NGTLDS over the CCTLDS is the word after the dot and the worldwide presence; not limited to one country like your .al

  2. You’re right, some of the names could be in the list and also be registered (e.g not in the zone as they have no nameservers) but I don’t think there are many. Our system marks a domain as deleted once it has exited ‘PendingDelete’ so they really are gone at that point.

    A domain would have to be registered and then have the nameservers immediately removed to not be in the zonefile the following day (or the registry intervened). So not impossible just a little unlikely 🙂

    Anyway thanks for the shout-out, see you at NamesCon!

  3. Donuts is pulling names back that get dropped, ,they are just being reserved. Probably for direct channel sales, or an auction, or pr campaign down the road. This has been going on for months.

  4. The good news for investors that jump on the single character domain, regardless of extension, is that they generally have a minimum $500 to $1k resale value.

    • Eric I don’t think that is true. There are now thousands of these and some a pretty worthless together with the extension.
      And some of good ones are $440 per year. Keep them a couple of years, sell at $1k and you get 0 profit. Wait a couple of years more and it gets worse and worse.

  5. Bad news for investors is Donuts reserved hundred(s) of thousands domains recently.

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