Hey Namejet! I want my domain name. Now!

I won the auction of a domain name back in May for $79. Today after 5 months I still don’t have access to the domain name kymata.com. The domain name is not something remarkable and that is the reason that I am still pretty calm. So I am trying to transfer the domain to my registrar for a month and a half now.

I know that Namejet has become a ghostly dumpster auctioning very few good domain names every month. But of course they keep auctioning domain name from people that have been caught bidding on their own domain names. After all, they have to make some money! Right?

It seems that you have to own a blog or tweet about your problem so that something is resolved over at Namejet. So here we go.

Whois looks something like this below so I think that I am the owner but I am not 100% sure. Thanks GDPR!

Registry Registrant ID: Not Disclosed
Registrant Name: Not Disclosed
Registrant Organization: Not Disclosed
Registrant Street: Not Disclosed
Registrant City: Not Disclosed
Registrant State/Province: Glyka Nera
Registrant Postal Code: Not Disclosed
Registrant Country: GR
Registrant Email: https://whoiscontact.ascio.com?domainname=kymata.com

The link provided in the registrant email field takes me to a server error:

My domain name does not resolve as I don’t have access to it through a registrar’s control panel.

So let’s get to the wonderful support that Namejet and its registrar partners provide:

My Namejet support ticket is open for more than a month now. Still waiting for some info.

Thank you for letting us know.

We have contacted the registrar and are working with them to resolve any technical issues.

We will follow up with you as soon as there are any updates.

My Ascio (the domain registrar) support was a dead end as they told me that they are operating through partners, like resellers and domain providers. So they pointed me to Easily UK.

Easily.uk that supposedly manages my domain name has not been responding to my support tickets and emails for over a month now.

Of course it goes without saying that I have never received any credentials from any registrar and that I have tried resetting my (imaginary) account password using the email I use at Namejet.

Namejet is kind enough to count the time that I don’t have access to the domain name I have paid 5 months ago: Auction Ended: -156d -20h -43m.

So this is beyond dealing with a dumpster. It is borderline theft. It will become theft when the domain expires in April.

I am sure more people are experiencing similar problems so feel free to share your Namejet problems.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Nice domain (“sea waves” in Greek.)

    All these secondary registrars remind me of the early days of dropcatching via Pool, SnapNames etc. 15 years ago. You could not move domains out of certain registrars.

    I’m sure you are the registrant per the WHOIS. To be certain, file a GDPR report against yourself 🙂

    Just kidding, of course. I hope NameJet resolves this asap. Have you emailed Scott Pruitt? scott.pruitt@ … namejet.

  2. I recently had an unusually late payment. It was about 2 weeks late. At that time, a month or so ago, I was able to call Jonathan T. He always takes my calls and he did as usual. I’m not sure if he had any role, but I did get the payment (about 3200) within a few days of that.

    It was the first time ever that they were late.

    Not sure what’s going on.

  3. I don’t buy with them. They can’t even afford a ssl certificate on the main site. Maybe I,m wrong. LOL

  4. We were NameJet customer more than 10 years, bought hundreds of domains from NameJet.

    We paid for a domain name 5 months ago, and NameJet never ever delivered that domain to us. We told them many times, they responded us after months with sorry….
    They did not deliver the domain name, they did not refund…
    So we decided to close our NameJet account and we did. They lost very loyal customer. But I am sure they dont care. Not ethical business this, they are not professional at all.

  5. Not more to add, Namejet has an horrible support
    Eventually all the problems of domain delivery I had with them were solved.

  6. What if you find a customer for it with a lot of money? What they will say when you want to sell it? I really had better experiences with not so well known brand companies regarding domain names and web services then with the big names on the market. It’s my experience…

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