domain name forum has closed down

I noticed that the domain name forum has been offline for a few months now.

I checked out and the website was last archived on March 8, 2019. I think it is safe to say by now that the forum has closed down.

The forum that was dedicated to New gTLDs opened up in November 2014, a few months after the first New gTLDs were launched.

The domain name forum was created by domainers Phil Harris and Chad Wright. Chad was the one that sold Free.Games for $335,000.

The forum had enough activity when it launched but slowly that died off. I think the forum just died because of low participation because people were not not getting the results they expected from New gTLDs.

The domain expires in April 2020.


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  1. I enjoyed reading the forum when it was operational but it was marred with downtime and DNS resolution errors on a number of occasions. The choice of forum platform was also not the best.

    It’s not easy keeping such a forum going and ensuring it’s filled with content worth reading. Valuable participants can lose interest in logging in when few to none are posting quality contributions and the tumbleweeds begin to blow past.

  2. whoda thunk it? whoda ever ever thunk it?

  3. It was a few die hards, probably one a few got out alive including Chad Wright, who has an extensive .com portfolio going way back to cushion the slow years. Plus he was on the EAP’s pretty hard, and had a few big sales. Phil Harris who played the premium game probably did not fair so well, with all the renewals, the others just got outrenewed, and went away.

  4. Next time just stick with dot com and all will be fine.

  5. Chad – Would you let someone else take a shot at bringing the forum back to life?
    If so can you click my name and send me a message through the contact page.

  6. We mainly let it go because Phil nor I knew how to manage the server and all the hackers/bots.

    Too much trouble when you don’t have the knowledge.

    It was fun while it was up and I met some great people.

    • Chad – I though I was replying to your comment but my message is above yours. Adding this in case you didn’t get the notification of a reply.

  7. well, that was that.

    Unfortunately, so many newbie domain investors putting their money into GTLDs took beatings. I feel sorry most for the investors who were new to all this. No sympathy for the ones peddling GTLDS as the extensions to supplant .com and other established or niche extensions (.org, .me, de, .it)
    It was like Tommy in “Goodfellas” thinking he’s gonna get “made”,and instead gets whacked by the geezer mafiosi.
    What happened to all the GTLD “consultants”? Sunlight is always the best disinfectant.

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