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Marketing and branding from monster movies to domains (video)

Jeff Sass gave a very interesting talk during JoomlaDay Florida 2019 that was titled “Marketing and Branding from Monster Movies to Domains”.

“Long before he was CMO of the .CLUB Domain Registry, Jeff Sass spent over 7 years making low-budget action/horror films. The lessons he learned making movies have helped him throughout his career as a marketer across several industries.

In this talk Jeff shares some of those lessons, as well tips on branding and choosing the best domain name for your business or startup. We’ll also play a little domain name “MATCH GAME” to prove that made up and misspelled names may not be the smartest branding choice.”

Here is the complete video: (sound is not that good)


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Konstantinos. I think the Joomla Day crowd asked some good domain name questions at the end of the presentation.

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