revealed the 10 highest-grossing domain brokers of 2018 recognizes the domain name industry’s biggest players, revealing the 2019 Master of Domains Awards winners at NamesCon 2019 in Las Vegas. has revealed the winners of the 2019 Master of Domains Awards, which recognises the top names in the domains industry for the deals they’ve closed in the preceding year (2018).

The 2019 Master of Domains winners represent the 10 highest-grossing individual domain name brokers in 2018. This year’s winners received their trophy and prize at the domaining industry’s premier event, NamesCon, on January 28, 2019.

“ has a unique insight into the global domain industry, having conducted over US$3 billion in domain name transactions, and we are pleased to recognise the past year’s top 10 brokers in the industry by total volume,” General Manager Jackson Elsegood said.

The 2019 awards winners are:

1. Andrew Rosener

Andrew Rosener is CEO of MediaOptions, which started out 11 years ago as a small partnership between Rosener and his wife Anna. The organisation had no employees for the first three or four years. Rosener and Anna bootstrapped the company’s growth and learned by watching others’ successes and failures. Today, MediaOptions is one of the leaders in the domain name industry, selling more domains per person than any other company in the market.

2. Raymond Liu

Raymond Liu is owner and CEO of Established in 2012, Liu and his Chinese company has a very well-trained domain brokerage team that participates in brokering many high tier and premium domain names for both investors and end user companies. With professional domain knowledge and a customer-oriented concept, Liu is highly reputable both domestically and abroad when brokering domain names.

3. James Booth

James Booth is founder and CEO of Domain Brokerage firm He entered the domain industry in May 2015, and has already brokered over 250 three-letter .com ( domains and several two-letter .com domains (, along with several other premium names. Booth grew his brokerage BQDN quickly to become a powerhouse of high value sales in 2016, 2017 and now 2018.

4. Andrew Booth

Last year marked a challenge for Andrew Booth on a personal and professional level. He was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2018, a year that was already one to forget, with significant investments in cryptocurrencies “going south”. However, Booth was able to find some top domains which had no problems fetching buyers, and he expects 2019 to be a year of change and improvement.

5. Ryan McKegney

Ryan McKegney is CEO of DomainAgents Platform Inc. This year’s win represents the third year in a row that McKegney and his team at DomainAgents have won this award.  They are proud to work with partners across the entire industry and wish everyone a very successful 2019.

6. David Clements

David Clements is founder and president of, a leading buy-side and sell-side broker of premium domain names. With more than a decade of experience, captures the full value of digital assets for IP owners and helps leading enterprise organizations locate and acquire the domain properties that maximize return and build businesses with powerful brands.

7. Michael White

Michael White is Vice President of Operations at SnapNames, a service. SnapNames has a mission to bring businesses global access to already-registered domains with the convenience of online and mobile shopping. Together with its partners and patented technology, the company offers a selection of over 30 million domain names annually at price points to meet any budget.

8. Tessa Holcomb

Tessa Holcomb is founder and CEO DomainAdvisors, originally founded in 2010 to address the need for more education among end-users on the intrinsic value of domain names and the importance of owning the best domain name possible for their business. DomainAdvisors, then (founded by Holcomb in 2013) went on to realize Nearly $150 Million in sales among the VC, start-up, and investor communities as well as to existing businesses looking to upgrade or re-brand.

9. Joe Uddeme

As a single domain broker and expert, Joe Uddeme (yoo-dee-me) loves helping clients find end-users for their domain names. Name Experts specializes in short, single word and brandable .com domains with an exceptional rolodex of business and corporate contacts developed over the past ten years. Uddeme works with brands all around the globe to buy, sell and valuate .com domains.

10. Hobi Michalec

Hobi  Michalec is co-founder of Lumis Group. Lumis has been hard at work to reach this milestone and be included among the Master of Domains winners’ list. For Michalec, it takes a real in-depth understanding and deep connection with clients to reach this point and the company’s founders are both proud and excited to be a part of the Master of Domains club.


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  1. Congrats to all of them!!! Well done! Well deserved.

    However, (unless I missed it) without the actual sales number in total, They mean nothing!

    Half an equation. Need the other half to evaluate.

  2. No George Hong from Guta again this year.

  3. NDA’s have nothing to do with a total amount of combined sales. That still honors the NDA unless you had one sale. lol

    So there is no reason whatsoever to withhold this info whether it be or a domainer or anyone or company in the space.

    They can easily announce 16 sales inside a particular month and then a total without any issues or violations. So when folks don’t do that, I tend to take it with a grain of salt. Not with as these are all true and bona fide sales. Just would like some sub totals. And since it is annual it is even safer to release.

    But when others do it, I just wonder why??

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