What is your oldest domain name?

What is the oldest domain name you own? Mine is from 1994.

Of course I only started domaining in July 2002, (almost 16 years back) but I have bought hundreds of domain names that have an original registration date that is before 2002.

I actually have 2 domains from 1994, about 15 from 1995 and tens from 1996. A lot more from then on.

In just the past few weeks I have bought more than 10 domains from the 90s.

Andrew Rosener did a poll on Twitter on how many portfolios exist with domain from all years from 1987 and onwards:

Most people think there are 2-5 portfolios with domains from each year since 1987. Drew bought TMR.com and TMN.com from 1991 and 1993 recently.

So what is your oldest domain? Please post it below along with the registration year. Remember, you don’t have to be the original owner!

I will start with mine that is Functionality.com from 1994.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. URLSite .com registration date: 1998

  2. 1996


    • What a great name and the foresight you had seeing how this is a major global issue coming to life as we live and breath, only this is not 1996 it is 2018, why to go Teradomain

  3. I have three domains from 1995.


  4. Traveler.com – 1991
    Most of the names I own were registered between 1995-1997

  5. Have 47 names aged 20+ years. Oldest is apexsc.com – reg’d Mar 07, 1991.

  6. 2 from 1999:


  7. 1989, that’s before you were born, Kosta 😛

  8. I started registering them in 97. I have sold most of my portfolio of names from then but the oldest I still have I think is VideoJobs.com. The oldest name I have ever owned was Recruiting.com , I bought it in 2002 but it was registered in 1995 or 94. I sold it quite a while ago. I still have quite a few from 97

  9. 1994 (2), 1995 (7), 1996 (14)

  10. HiltonHeadResort.com

  11. I’ve owned domains from 1987, 89, 90, 91,and 93 upwards. Sold one from 1991 a few months ago. Current oldest is Opti.com from 1993. The history that goes with a name is what I value most.

  12. BrewVenture.com – original reg date is 1005

  13. 1996

    BestFare (.)com

  14. BestFaresOnline.com

    Both from 1998

  15. RareRoom.com

  16. Nyprom.com

  17. GotCandy.com
    January 1999

  18. Headlinerecords.com (1995)

  19. Teleca.com


  20. LoopSide.com


  21. iSoft

    in King


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