Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver bought 3 Rudy Giuliani domains

Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver bought 3 Rudy Giuliani domain names. Guess what he did with them!

Well it is not exactly 3 Rudy Giuliani domains. It is 2 domains that include his name and one that references something he said about Hillary Clinton.

These are the domain names John Oliver bought:

What he hosts on the domains is simply some ferret videos loving Rudy:
Rudy Giuliani is one the latest Donald Trump lawyers representing him in the Stormy Daniels case among other things.

John Oliver bought the first 2 domains at Google Domains and the Hillary one at HostGator. All 3 domains are using whois privacy.

After the Last Week Tonight show on Sunday someone else registered the domain

Rudy Giuliani owns

Last month someone from Florida bought the domains and I don’t think this is ever happening so I have no idea why.

Finally, I have to mention that the audience at the show was pretty amused when John Oliver announced the registration of these domains.


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  1. alberto adrian aguilar

    If those dominions were mine, this would be the offer that would make me = $45 = $41 = $73

    or $100 for the lot

  2. If I interpret the US law correctly on the subject of insult – you can curse someone (say F you to someone) and go without penalties. However, you can not insult someone publicly without penalty (say Gui you are stupid). You can be sued for a public insult. Funny 🙂

  3. He seems to register and buy domains quite often, maybe he became a tv star just so he could power sell domains .. :-))))))

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