And the profit from selling 29 Million worth of domains in 2017 for Uniregistry has been???

Uniregistry Market announced today that it has sold 3617 domains totaling more than 29,000,000 USD in the first 8 months of 2017. In 2017 the average prices dropped marginally for the first time ever to $8,017 USD per domain down from $9,110 USD.

But the number of transactions increased by more than 24% over the same time period in 2016, while total sales have increased by 13.85% from the 25,000,000 USD sold in the same period prior.

Today’s press release seems like a response to the circulating rumors about many layoffs during the summer at Uniregistry and the OnlineDomain.com article highlighting 7 to 10+ personnel departures in 2017 from Uniregistry.

But this report says almost nothing about how much profit Uniregistry made from these 29 million in transactions. At a 10% average commission this could be less than 3 million. If you subtract all the expenses and salaries then the number is much lower. We have no indication of how many of these 3617 domains were owned by Uniregistry’s owner Frank Schilling and how many were sold by Uniregistry clients.

The report is good for the overall market so we know the volume of domain name transactions and the average sales price but is not very helpful to understand what is the Uniregistry profit or the overall business. Of course they don’t have share that as they are a private company.

Also most people are “concerned” about the registry part of Uniregistry. This is the part that seems to be having the most troubles. The press release says nothing about the registry or the registrar part of the Uniregistry business.

“Technological innovation and sales team improvements in prior periods have shown us the path to increased unit volumes with little overall consequence to net sale prices. Average sale prices since 2011 have seen steady gains year over year, with 2017 showing some signs of moderation as the average prices dropped marginally for the first time ever to $8,017 USD per domain down from $9,110 USD. Dollar volumes moderated during this period, due to continued expansion into exploratory, nontraditional markets such as Generic Top Level Domains (GTLDs) and Country Code Top Level Domain (CCTLD) sales.”

“Sales in 2017 have been phenomenal, they have surpassed all of our projections. We are growing and excited as we enter what is traditionally our strongest quarter of the year. Our customer feedback has been very encouraging and they really love our new checkout system, S.S.E. (Secure Simultaneous Exchange), as well as our new Uniregistry App. As we refine our products and release a large segment of new technology in 2018, I’m excited to see the continued gains our sales team can achieve,” said Jeffrey Gabriel, Uniregistry’s Vice President of Sales. Uniregistry co-ordinates more than 40 full time brokerage staff on 4 continents.

Outlook for 2017 and beyond:

“Consumer and investor interest in domains names remains strong.  In markets such as Asia (+23.25%), and Europe (+12.1%) we have seen strong growth. With global coverage, Uniregistry is in an excellent position to continue providing industry leading transaction volume and sale prices. Uniregistry has the ability to sell domains for our customers wherever they are in the world at any time with our industry leading application for iOS and Android.”

“I am a sales and marketing focused individual and leader, and I have an immense respect for our sales team. At the same time I want to recognize our software and product engineering team, which drives us forward. Our product is what got us here and what continues to lift us forward. Uniregistry Market is a confluence of our collective force-of-will combined with outstanding sales leadership, a hand chosen team of proven brokers and beautiful technology. We don’t settle or compromise for mediocrity and that shows in our hiring decisions, product direction and sales numbers,” reflected Frank Schilling, Uniregistry’s founder and CEO.


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  1. If you broker your own domain than you pay no commission to uniregistry no? But I bet those sales are included in the total number.

    So first we would need to know how many of these sales uniregistry got a commission on. And then we can calculate what the total amount of commissions is. I have a feeling it’s way less than your 3M estimate ?

  2. Something is sure domain business is going down and the lack of advertising budget of all these companies is the sign things are going worse every day.

    • Perhaps momentum domains w no true commercial value are going down. Getting more inquiries then ever on one and two word .coms, up significantly last few weeks but whole year has seen steady increase. End users and investors. Portfolio only around 800 domains but most domains 18-20 yrs old.

    • @Francois That is certainly normally a good indicator of how things really are.

    • This has nothing to do with budget. Domain companies don’t like blogs. Period.

    • Domain business going down? Funny domainers are paying more than ever for domains.

      As for ad budgets if the platform they advertise on does not reach a new audience or convert to new eyeballs, they will cut the feed, probably what happend to you.

      Be careful if Jeff Gabriel contacts you directly thru DNS sales channel with low ball offer on one of your domains, do not give it away, or sell cheap, fight for your return, and use their own sold examples against them.

  3. How many of those domain sales are from Franks own portfolio?

  4. How many names are list in their market? 3617 out of ?

    Would also be nice to know how many of those were Frank’s personal inventory ?

  5. This is vague info, you are coming off a decline in the Chinese market, and uniregistry market is used by many sub $500 sellers, to quickly close deals also, Namesilo, Namecheap have also started such services internally now also.

  6. The last 4 months of the year are usually strong, should skew the numbers, I think the numbers are greatm but Frank is turning over less than 1% of his portfolio, hefty renewal bills.

  7. Sounds precious to me, which wouldnt be necessary if things were so great.

  8. I’m sure they make money but it must be expensive maintaining such a large operation.

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