Is (purchased for $4,000) a spoofing website created by Michael Gleissner?

John Berryhill sent out a few tweets on August 11, 2017 warning people about being a spoofing webpage.

The intellectual property attorney believes that the fake web page is spoofing TMview that is the European Trade Mark and Design Network run by the European Union Intellectual Property Office that uses this official URL: The official website can run a trademark search on all European community trademark databases. Some countries actually use only this database as their official trademark database and have no other dedicated regional searching capabilities.

These are the tweets from Friday:

“fake TMVIEW page at tmview .com – records your search and then falls over to the actual TMDN page. Using lookups for domain regs.”

“And, yeah, it’s a Gleissner special”

“In case that was not clear – Tmview .com is a phishing page copied from to fool IP lawyers doing preliminary clearance searches.”

John Berryhill believes that the spoofing website records searches and then redirects visitors to the real TMDN page. The recorded lookups are then probably used for domain name registrations involving the keywords of the potential trademark registrations. is registered by “Institute of Advanced Networking Technologies LLC.” that is probably a company connected to Michael Gleissner according to the email address in whois. Michael Gleissner and his countless companies have been involved in several UDRPs trying to reverse domain name hijack generic names using questionable trademark registrations. is keeping a Michael Gleissner UDRP tracker with all the domain name disputes that Michael Gleissner and many of his companies have been involved in the past few years.

Michael Gleissner is the owner of several companies such as Bigfoot (whois of has a email address), Fashion One Television, and CKL Holdings. His trusted Trademarks Manager Marco Notarnicola claimed to be an expert in “manipulation of TMs and common law marks to achieve UDRP “reverse domain name hijacking” in his LinkedIn profile.

I did a search for “pouts3s mple” on the spoofed website and I was then redirected to the real website. I hope Michael registers that domain. People doing a European trademark search should be extremely cautious and should only use the official website.

This is the original TMview website at “”:

and this is the spoofed website at

The spoofed website has some outdated news from 2015 and a much lower trademark number in the database. So it seems that the spoofed website has been running for at least 2 years.

According to the domain name was bought for $4,000 from Uniregistry on May 7, 2015.


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