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The Michael Gleissner UDRP Tracker – Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH)

Michael Gleissner owner of several companies such as Bigfoot, Fashion One Television, and CKL Holdings has lost several UDRP complaints.

He is using thousands of shell companies and hundreds of trademarks registered in various countries all over the world trying to steal valuable domains, such as zero.com owned by Google, from their rightful owners. He has so far failed with 6 UDRP loses and 4 terminations. He still has one UDRP complaint pending.

Michael Gleissner is filing these frivolous complaints with the help of his thousands shell companies and his hundreds of questionable trademarks all over the world.

Of course this all would not be possible without the help of his in house counsel at Bigfoot Entertainment, Jonathan Grant Morton and Roman Popov, and his trusted Trademarks Manager Marco Notarnicola. Marco claimed to be an expert in “manipulation of TMs and common law marks to achieve UDRP “reverse domain name hijacking” in his LinkedIn profile. (He has since changed that to “administration of trademarks and domains mechanics involving UDRP procedures.” but the screenshots will live forever.)

Domain Name Complainant Represented by Decision
bubblingbeats.com Bigfoot Ventures LLC Morton & Associates LLLP Complaint Denied
slized.com Bigfoot Ventures LLC Morton & Associates LLLP Complaint Denied (RDNH)
chinesepot.com Chinesepod Limited Marco Notarnicola Complaint Denied
sexyjapanese.com Grigorius Holdings, SIA Gabriel Miller Complaint Denied
flammea.com CKL Holdings N.V. Morton & Associates Complaint Denied
imod.com American Franchise Marketing Limited Morton & Associates Complaint Denied
mclip.com EKR Systems Limited Morton & Associates Complaint Denied
zero.com CKL Holdings N.V. TERMINATED
apollo.com Fashion One Television Limited TERMINATED
gerodi.com CKL Holdings N.V. TERMINATED
ariko.com China Capital Brands Limited TERMINATED

You can also find here articles related to Michael Gleissner, his UDRP complaints, his questionable and fake trademarks and his thousands of shell companies:

This article is going to be updated as new UDRPs are filled or new evidence surfaces. If I missed any UDRP case (because of Michael Gleissner’s thousands of shell companies) or any article please let me know in a comment below.


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  1. Thank you for pulling this all together in one place.

  2. Can the three strikes you’re out (3 RDNH decisions) apply to the legal reps or just the complainant?

  3. How do can one find out someone has file a UDRP against one of your domains?

  4. Thank you for reporting this and laying it all out.
    You’re helping anyone that is dealing with Gleissner and his gang of lawyers.

  5. Thanks for this good research.

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