What is happening with the @dotnyc twitter account and today’s .nyc domain auctions?

Sometimes I am just amazed at how some companies do digital marketing. This is one of these days.

The 2nd premium .nyc domain auction ends today and little effort has been given to promote the auction. The change of venue from Namejet to Snapnames was not helpful either.

But what the official .nyc twitter account @dotnyc is doing a disservice to the auction.

I am not sure who is running it but this is exactly what you shouldn’t do on twitter. (I think it is Neustar, the .nyc registry, or maybe a PR/marketing firm. Certainly not the city of New York.) That is to annoy others and also post wrong information that is critical to what you are trying to promote, like the closing time of an auction!

5 days ago they sent out an identical tweet to more than 300 people and companies. 305 to be exact. I know it is identical as it contained a typo:

“Don\’t miss out! Fashion .nyc Auction ends 2/28 – Bids only $500 – Own #NYC most fashionable address”

I think the tweet went out to potential interested parties of these fashion .nyc domains but this is spam in my book.

And now they just sent out a tweet that states the wrong closing time of the auctions:
“#NYC don’t miss out! 3 hours left to own NY Fashion. Shop .nyc, Fashion.nyc +more only for New Yorkers goo.gl/MHtp2O

In fact the auction ends in about 6 hours and at about 3pm ET and not at 12pm ET that another tweet said yesterday: “Bidding ends 12pm ET TOMORROW 2/28!”

BTW the Snapnames twitter account gave out the correct time.


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  1. These .NYC domains are not attracting any bids.

  2. @dotnyc sent out another tweet with the wrong time. That is after I posted this and sent a tweet to them.

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