XYZ makes idiotic statement on Twitter

The XYZ registry, one of the worst New gTLD registries, made a tweet yesterday that is clearly false and frankly embarrassing to the whole domain name industry.

The tweet said: “You can get a shorter, more memorable domain with .xyz – just like did. Head to to get yours!” and had this image attached:

This idiotic statement that claims to be a “statistic” is clearly false. The funniest thing is that they even have their source at the bottom of the image: Alexa Site Rankings.

You only need to scroll down to number 5 of the Alexa site rankings to find a domain name that is longer than 8 characters:,,,, and are just a few websites with more than 8 characters in their domain name and I didn’t even go beyond the Alexa top 50.

I have no idea on what is going on over at XYZ and why they can’t even count characters. Oh well I guess I have some sort of idea. It is not like they have a good track record.

A few people on Twitter laughed at the tweet but that doesn’t seem to bother the XYZ regsitry as many hours later the Tweek is still alive and kicking:

Update: A few hours after my post XYZ deleted the tweet above and replaced it with one that said that the top 10,000 websites have an average length of 8 characters. They didn’t really omit the word “average” as they claim because the image above clearly says “all have” and the 2 images have different wording and meaning. They also cited a study from 2009.


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  1. Obviously bad at math, can’t even count to 8. Maybe hired someone on fiverr to make them a inspiration meme.

  2. John Berryhill

    Shorter headline “XYZ gets free advertising on domain blog”. Radix has to pay for a banner ad, but on the page right here, the xyz logo appears, for free, under the ‘Recent posts’ tab.

  3. Domains used to be great. Now, it s pathetic.

  4. is 9 characters, you plonkers.

  5. The XYZ social media team accidentally left off the word “average” in the referenced tweet. They have since corrected the mistake.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      They didn’t just left off the word “average”. The 2 images have completely different wording and meaning.

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