How to use a generic domain name like during Super Bowl (& #Goat .com)

While many people were looking at the GoDaddy, Squarespace and ads during Super Bowl 2017 and while Tom Brady’s Patriots were making a comeback against the Falcons (and then went on to win in overtime) I got an idea to check to see how a generic domain name, that would be perfect for this game, was being used.

During the 2nd half FOX announced that voting for the MVP of Super Bowl LI had started at

So I thought like a domain name investor and went on to look what is on the domain name So it turns out that the domain name is owned by “CBS Interactive Inc.” and is actually redirected to the CBS Sports shop that is located at (I bet the NFL or the NBA wished the owned!)

The shop that sells a wide variety of sports goods and of course today’s featured items are mostly NFL and Super Bowl related.

So yes, this is how a company that owns a gem like can use it effectively and boost traffic to one of its active websites. Of course you can use the domain name to redirect it to a different sport or game every day of the year!

After the Patriots won Super Bowl LI, the CBS shop was updated:

CBS Interactive Inc. owns about 3,500 domain names like,,,,,, and many more.

Now I wonder how many people visited before and after Tom Brady won his record 5th Super Bowl and named MVP of Super Bowl LI.

And I also wonder how many people visited the domain name (sold in 2016 for an undisclosed amount) that is redirected to “The safest way to buy and sell sneakers on mobile.”.


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  1. isn’t bad either! 😉

  2. = no traffic surprisingly – poor use of the domain – should have the CBS Sports store using the domain as the main domain.

    I don’t understand the Goat branding. Air Goat really?

    There’s enough margin in used sneakers to ship them to a company called “Air Goat” where they take a commission and then ship them again to whoever buys them? Where did such a company get money for a Super Bowl ad? Venture capital?

    • has no traffic? How do you know that?
      Of course the domain could have been used in various better ways as a standalone domain but when you have so many of them like CBS you can do whatever you want!

      “Air Goat” didn’t have money for a Super Bowl ad. They didn’t have one. But they did buy and I am sure it wasn’t cheap.

      • For what it’s worth, has no Alexa ranking which usually means little to no traffic.

      • I am not sure how Alexa treats redirected domain names. Maybe these are not counted at all as all traffic ends up in a different domain name.

      • I know lots of redirects that have Alexa ranking because they get a ton of traffic.

        The perfect example is which is a redirect with an Alexa ranking of 165.

  3. Thanks for clarifying Air Goat didn’t have a SB commercial, I guess I got mixed up because the title of the article is “How to use a generic domain during SB”

    I can’t imagine they would, I don’t know why there is a biz like that specifically focused on selling used mens shoes. You go in a nordstroms and all the shoe business is in womens shoes.

  4. Your right, but having the seller ship them to the company, then shipping them to the new owner at the prices they are selling them means very little margin. The seller could sell them directly on Ebay or a ton of other places as they have been doing.

    We have a local mens shoe business so there’s definitely a market, once in a blue moon, there are pepole lined up out the door for a new shoe

    That makes sense, interesting branding with the play on MJ.

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