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.Global has an idea that can help domain name investors sell more New gTLD domains

.Global has an idea that can help domain name investors sell more .global domains. But this is an idea that other registries can follow too.

The .Global registry designed a “domains portal” specifically for domain investors to be able to easily search for available .GLOBAL domain names. DOMAINS.GLOBAL is currently in beta mode, but ready for people to explore and find keyword domain names that are available at regular registration fees.

But .Global has also launched a new feature where you can list your existing .GLOBAL domain names for sale so that they will appear in searches done at

“A challenge that most sellers face, regardless of what they are selling, is getting their product presented to the relevant buyers. This challenge is no different for Domain Investors. It makes sense to list your inventory on as many marketplaces as possible in order to increase the the number of people you expose your product to and thus increase the likelihood of finding a buyer. The website is the main portal of .GLOBAL Registry. We have a large amount of visitors each month that are specifically looking for information about the .GLOBAL domain extension, and they search for available .GLOBAL domains.”

When people search for domains on they can see if the domain is available, taken or is offered as a premium priced domain name. Now they can even see .GLOBAL domains that are offered for sale by third parties. As an owner of .GLOBAL domain(s), you can list your domain(s) for sale on by using our listing service.

The .GLOBAL registry will not take part in any negotiation or agreements between the buyer and the seller. This is a free service to connect buyers with sellers. The service is currently in beta.

This is an interesting ideas and other registries that have dedicated pages selling their domains (e.g. .Club) can do something similar.


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  1. That isn’t going to help domainers sell more .global. So far there has been 1 reported aftermarket .global sale ( $600), so I’d say anyone actively trying to sell these is wasting their time.

  2. They don’t need to search on a site like to do that Konstantinos. In my view this is all about trying to appeal to domain speculators, to give them the impression that their domain is somehow being promoted to endusers.

    For anyone who owns a new tld all they need to do is put up a for sale page on the domain and list it with Godaddy, if that doesn’t result in inquiries there is no enduser demand.

  3. Like Global
    Like Effort – no doubt they will continue + they are in que for China approval.
    Like the idea registries could take a bite out of broker fees that are absurd for a “listing”.
    Like buyers don’t have to go to several locations.
    Goooo Global !

  4. It’s a great idea, kudos to .global, and hopefully this could become a single system amongst all ngtld registries.
    It will certainly bring better results than listing at say … sedo …

  5. Not a fan of this tool You can use it and when a domain says it is available; it lists it as a premium and you need to make an offer. Sucks.

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