reducing wire transfer disbursement fees announced that it is reducing wire transfer disbursement fees to both domestic (US) and international customers.

Earlier this year announced that ACH disbursements from would no longer incur a $10 setup fee and instead be free of charge. Today there is a further reduction to the disbursement fees, as are halving the cost of both domestic (US) ($10 from $20) and international wire transfers ($20 from $40).

The following disbursement options and fees are now available:

Domestic (US) Wire Transfer $10
International Wire Transfer $20

Escrow will soon be implementing a new policy to get photo ID, and proof of address from every registered buyer/seller for all transactions. Some customers have already been asked to upload these documents so that payments can be disbursed.


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  1. ugh, i rather pay the higher fees than have to upload photo id…

  2. I’ve no problem with that, is a highly reputable domain escrow service I’ve used since 2002. I would never to the same with some Chinese escrow, however.

  3. It’s interesting they are doing this. I think it’s to take away the spotlight on how bad the service has become. reduction in fees really don’t matter because the service has gone to hell with the new owners. Nothing can make up for that. They don’t answer emails quite often. It’s not that they answer late, it’s that they never even reply. There are less knowledgeable employees there compared to the past because they fired a lot of long-time employees. They say they’ll follow up when on the phone with them when there is an issue but then you never hear anything back.

    That’s been my experience. The old, good is dead. Time to try a new service.

  4. i have asked thiis question many times before,does escrow use paypal for sending funds TO international sellers?

  5. is now asking for photo ID before they send funds.

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