The Rightside domain auction results and the renewal prices

Rightside had a .Games and .Live auction on Namejet but people had doubts about what the domain name renewal prices are. Maybe that affected bidding.

The auction included 15 reserved domain names and 11 of the 15 domains were sold. The other 4 domains didn’t met the low (judging by the other domains) reserve.

A lot of people had concerns about the renewal prices for the auctioned domains. They said that Namejet and Rightside did not disclose the renewal prices. I checked myself at a popular registrar and you can see the premium domain renewals below.

I asked Rightside and their reply was: “On the auctions, they all have a standard renewal price.

So I expect that Rightside will change the premium prices to the standard prices after the domains have been paid and allocated. If anyone won any of the domains below please let us know what happened.

There is another .live auction coming up and this auction is clearly marked to avoid any confusion: “Bid on this exquisite selection of premium .LIVE domains with non-premium renewal fees. No to low Reserves!“.

These are the results of the 15 .Games and .Live domains in the auction:

Domain Name Price Reserve Met Renewal $161 Yes $690 $100 Yes $19 $100 Yes $690 $500 Yes $1150 $110 Yes $115 $130 Yes $690 $3200 Yes $57500 $1101 Yes $460 $169 Yes $230 $100 Yes $690 $100 Yes $690 $79 No $690 $69 No $115 $210 No $2875 $69 No $690



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  1. I think the only domain that really stands out in the lot in regards to end user application is drinking games, maybe sexy live for webcam service. Other stuff is newbie teasers.

  2. those are awful, Frank must be the one bidding , no one else would want those

  3. Non premium renewal means $1,000 a year.

  4. Can you imagine paying $3200 for, and getting a $57,500 renewal bill.

    When I asked namejet, they said they were premium, and to check with the registry, doing the search online the same numbers you posted came up.

    Only fair for bidders that regular renewals be in play.

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