Video: Summary of Global Domain Summit in Hangzhou, China

Pinkard Alan ‘Pinky’ Brand attended the Global Domain Summit in Hangzhou, a conference with over 1,000 attendees.

On behalf of, he put together the following video summary that will give you a little taste on what a Chinese domain name conference is all about. He also had all of about 7 minutes to grab the person that ran the entire conference on behalf of the main organizer,, and do a quick video interview. It sheds some light on the increasing role of women in the China domain name industry.

Pinky works extensively with TLD Registry, operator of the .在线 (Dot Chinese Online) and .中文网 (Dot Chinese Website) internationalized top level domain name extensions (IDNs), and China Market Consulting.

For more video from the Global Domain Summit please click here.


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  1. Domain Observer

    Great. China’s domain industry as well as its economy will prosper regardless all the curses from some greedy westerners who want to take profits from her downfall.

  2. Nice turnout, thanks for sharing.

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