Greek Seller Contacts Frank Schilling To Sell Him A .MOM Domain 21 Hours After General Availability

The .Mom domain extension launched yesterday by Uniregistry that is owned by Frank Schilling.

In less than 24 hours after general availability a Greek registrant contacted no other than Frank Schilling to sell him a .mom domain name: domain was registered at Uniregistry.

Frank posted the email message on his twitter account:


The Greek owner Athanasios Katsaounis probably doesn’t know who he sent the email to. Athanasios lives on a Greek island and owns 100+ domains. His portfolio mostly consists of .com and .pro domain names.

I don’t think that Athanasios will find a buyer soon and it will certainly not be Frank. If he wanted the domain he would have reserved it before GA.

.Mom that had its general availability on the 3rd of May had already gotten about 20,000 domain name registrations after a few hours as Frank Schilling announced on Twitter.



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  1. Next crappy advertising by Schilling.
    This guy is extremely manipulative.

  2. I got one from this guy today too trying to sell me

  3. I got that email too.

    Feel bad for the guy. Might buy it just to help him out.

  4. Is it true 3 single parties got 75% of the registrations of .mom, seems really manipulated?

  5. All that money Frank got but he still has to lie to make more money…sad…very sad!!!!!

  6. Why do people think Frank Schilling is lying? I’m sure he really got the spam email.

    Not hard to believe, since many of us get spammed with numerous domain sales pitches per day. The bigger the portfolio, the more spam you get. Schilling’s portfolio is huge; so I’m sure all sorts of domainers send clumsy sales pitches his way.

    • I agree. This is too insignificant to be a lie.

      • Plus, I just don’t see Frank Schilling as a liar period.

        He’s said things I disagree with, certainly, along with things I agree with. Maybe he’s even said things at different times that are arguably inconsistent, but that’s normal. Anybody who talks long enough will contradict himself or change his mind sooner or later.

        I’m not saying Frank Schilling is a saint. He isn’t a hero of mine. But I respect the man, and I believe he has integrity.

        And let me emphasize that I’m not currying favor here. After all, I was banned from DomainNameSales on a flimsy pretext by 1 of Frank’s underlings. And I don’t do business with Uniregistry (the registrar) at all. So you’d expect me to have an ax to grind rather than leap to Frank’s defense. He definitely didn’t leap to mine.

        There are a lot of disreputable people in the domain industry. And I understand that domainers are suspicious of bigshots. Just look at Adam Dicker or Daniel Negari. But at a certain point, believing that everyone at the top is a liar is an unhealthy prejudice. And unfair.

        Really we shouldn’t go around calling others liars unless there’s evidence that they lied. And I don’t care whether the person is rich or poor. Everybody deserves the benefit of the doubt until they discredit themselves.

    • I think Anunt was moreso implying the context of get yours before china wakes up type comments, as the non required hype.

      If the chinese want to buy at 88 cents, and renew at $35 by all means have at it, we all know how many millions of crap.extension cheap registrations are going to be dumped when renewals ramp up the price by 10X

      I think more so people are sick of the China talk, let’s face it 9 out of 10 domainers in China have no clue what they are doing.

  7. Domain Observer

    MOM is a great extension. Easy to pronounce and everyone has/had a mom.

  8. with all chinese buyers registrering .mom will be like mandarin com

  9. Offering a .mom domain to Mr. Schilling is like offering a pocket of flour to a wheat farmer but I still see no problem offering a domain to ‘it’s source’, also if it would be only one minute after registering – you can offer all at every time, no one has the duty to react.
    Maybe the owner of the mentioned domain was surprised to get this reaction but his domain got public attention.

    I think .mom is a smart TLD and the time of its release / GA too ; )

    A few hours ago I registered

    21 times ‘mom’ / TLD .mom
    The .mom domain with the most possible amount of ‘mom’ of all time.
    63 characters (21 x 3), more characters are not possible in a domain name.
    Original 63.DOMAIN

    This domain is probably the perfect gift to show your mum how much she means to you.

    Mr. Schilling, interested? ; )

    • Great marketing @Frank_Schilling! Kudos to Athanasios for being the first one to do it.

      The .MOM TLD has huge potential. Great extension to get around paying the large premiums on all those lovely parked .coms. Branding will be a snap since a huge portion of consumer goods purchased online are made by moms. I’m looking forward to contributing to this new namespace. Thanks Uniregistry for bringing us this extension and making the purchase process so easy. Keep it up!

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