Rightside Acquires The .GAMES Domain Extension

Rightside, a new domain name extension registry, today announced it has secured the .GAMES domain extension. Rightside plans to launch .GAMES in Q3 2016 starting at a standard wholesale price of $12.00.

Rightside believes .GAMES fits nicely into its portfolio of 40 domain names like .LIVE, .SOCIAL, and .NEWS.

“The .GAMES extension will offer gamers, publishers, game developers, and retailers the opportunity to distinguish themselves with short, relevant, and memorable web addresses. For example, a .GAMES domain name, such as Twitch.games, Zynga.games or yourname.games, enables a brand or individual to lock in a modern domain name and proudly claim their game identity online.”

“The software games industry alone is forecasted to grow from $90 billion a year in 2016 to $115 billion a year by 2020 and that doesn’t even include the hardware and hobby game market,” said Rightside CEOTaryn Naidu. “Our acquisition of .GAMES is an exciting opportunity for game brands of all sizes, as well as individuals to buy an easy-to-remember online .GAMES destination, and use it as a helpful online searching, positioning and branding tool.”


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  1. Nice to see my two favorite gTLDs going live, will be fun to watch. Hope they both do well.

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