Photos And Video From The .NYC Meetup

.NYC Domain Meetup had a big event this past Thursday, March 10, 2016.

The event was titled “Changing Digital Landscape of 2016 NYC“, organized by Art Malkov and featured speakers from and the mayor’s office.

Some of the speakers were:

Stacey Levine – Communications Director at Intersection and Head of Communications for Link.NYC.

Aileen Gemma Smith – CEO – Brain behind development

Chris Smith – CTO – Tech muscle behind

Erik Grimmelman – CEO of The New York Technology Council

Dmitry Dragilev – CEO of JustReachOut

Clayton Banks – CEO of Silicon Harlem

Erica Hatfield – Communication Director forTransit Wireless

Here are some photos and video from the event:

nyc-meetup03meetup6 meetup5 meetup4 meetup3 meetup2 meetup1

Dmitry Dragilev, CEO of Just Reach Out talks about the SEO benefits when using .nyc domains:


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  1. New York baby! 😀 Great gathering of professionals.

  2. I have yet to see ONE .nyc in the wild.

    Its been 18 months.

    • Really? i see it regularly on subway. Was at networking event yesterday and got 2 business cards with .nyc . Both start up companies.
      It is not as prevalent as every way you turn its there, but i run into into regularly in NYC.

      • I am mainly in Brooklyn. NEVER see it. EVER EVER EVER.

      • I am in Manhattan. See it decent amount. Seen it on restaurants, tv mounting place, banners , mail box , subways, walls.
        Speaker we had was and that will be in brooklyn really soon. The free wifi hub. Stay tuned.

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