2.tv Was Sold For $100,000 – How Much Is 2tv.com Worth?

There was a report 2 weeks ago that the domain name 2.tv was sold for about $100,000 USD. Raymond Hackney wrote that the domain was owned by Michael Berkens before he sold his portfolio to Go Daddy last year. He had paid $4,600 to purchase 2.tv back in 2010 in a Sedo auction.

Sheng Wang is now the new owner of 2.tv and the domain currently redirects to hz.com.

I am the owner of 2tv.com for quite a few years now. I won the domain in an auction. I think it was on Snapnames.

I was wondering what do you think the domain 2tv.com is worth now.

Is it worth more or less than 2.tv? Why? (e.g. 2.tv has only 3 characters including the TLD while 2tv.com has 6 characters.)

Has 2tv.com gained value because of the 2.tv purchase? Has it gained value in the past few months because of the Chinese investors?


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  1. Numerics and LL/LLL domains are very different than keyword domains. The interest in 2.TV is probably mostly about the “2” and not so much about the .TV. So 2TV.com might be viewed more as a NLL.com even though .TV domainers will ideally own both the .TV and TV.com of any particular keyword they hold.

    .TV renewals at $28-$30 each making holding a portfolio of them much more expensive than the equivalent TV.com. However, having done some outbound marketing for both and finding little interest in either, I don’t think one can really conclude that one is worth more than the other. I have not yet had any $XXXX TV.com sales but have had a few $XXXX .TV sales. At this point neither has produced desirable returns but many of my domains are Spanish so that could be one explanation.

  2. Guess its worth about $10,000 dont be fooled by the $100,000 a bit of a one off.

    • I have declined a $15,000 offer.
      The domain has a lot of traffic.

      • Why do people do this? They ask for opinions then they dispute the answers they get.

      • I didn’t dispute the opinion.
        I offered 2 facts.

      • Konstantinos, you are telling the guy he is wrong with your “facts”. I’d say either state those facts up front or don’t reply to unfavourable appraisals with them.

        My opinion is the name is worth maybe $1000-$2000, despite the offer you’ve had. $15,000 is an enduser price not what it could get here and now. 2.tv would still be a $4000 name if it was for Chinese buying numeric domain names so it has gone up in value for a reason that doesn’t apply to tv.com names.

      • I should have posted these facts on my post. You are right.
        I should also have mentioned that I don’t usually sell wholesale. Especially not in this case.

        So you are saying that short .tv numeric domains are up in value but short tv.com are not? Despite the rise in price of short .com domains?
        Random NLL.com are selling for more than $1000-$2000 wholesale.

  3. Domain Observer

    I guess they both have equal market value. Long com equals short tv. That’s my formula.?

  4. Domain Observer

    They both have equal market value. Long com equals short tv. That’s my formula.?

  5. Domain Observer

    Sorry for the double comments. I am not good at writingng smàrt phone messages.

  6. 2.TV was sold for about $100,000? What’s the value of 7.cab? It has lots of uses!
    Sheng Wang make an offer! I will take offer for this babe… Thanky 🙂

  7. Konstantinos’ question is actually very interesting if you expand the question’s span to ngTLDs length Versus ccTLD length; and please correct me if I am wrong but isnt the following always true as per ICANN’s .whatever of today:

    1-char ccTLD is always < ( shorter in length ) than any given 1-char ngTLD ?

    If so, I think 1-char ccTLDs will always hold value, because no nGTLD will ever be able
    to have its full ( sld+tld ) length (true?) equal to 3 char ( random ex: s.it )

    Having said that, my question would be: how much traffic from 2.tv leaks to 2tv.com ?

    • It is not only New gTLDs that are 1 character longer than ccTLDs. All TLDs (.com, .org, .guru, .xyz, .club) are 3 characters or more.
      2 characters are reserved for existing ccTLDs and any new countries that may emerge.

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