New Domains .Cars, .Car, & .Auto Launching On January 12th

cars-auto-carCars Registry, a joint venture between XYZ and Uniregistry, announced the availability of three new domain extensions: .Cars, .Car, and .Auto.

Between December 9th and January 12th, these domains will first be made available exclusively to trademark holders registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse.

“The new extensions provide the auto industry with a distinct marketing advantage over today’s expensive or often over-long, and consequently harder to remember, .com URLs — a critical challenge in an increasingly mobile era.”

“With nearly 300 million domain names registered worldwide, it is increasingly difficult for businesses to find short memorable domains,” said Daniel Negari, CEO of Cars Registry.

“The top 25,000 most popular websites are, on average, eight characters long, while the average .com domain consisting of the word “cars,” “car,” or “auto” is an unwieldy 13 characters long.”

“.Cars, .Car, and .Auto present a unique opportunity for businesses to secure valuable digital real estate that is shorter, more memorable, and more relevant to their online presence.  Dealerships can upgrade their existing domain name (i.e., to ABC.Auto), establish a geographic presence (i.e., Seattle.Cars), and set-up promotional microsites (i.e., HolidaySale.Cars). As an early adopter, St. Louis Motorcars, a factory-authorized luxury car dealer, upgraded its web presence to the more mobile-friendly STL.Cars.”

“I can’t think of a better or clearer domain name for my dealership than STL.Cars,” said dealership principal Graham Hill. “Buying the .com version of STL would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and STL.Cars works exactly the same way but looks better in advertising. I got a better looking name for a fraction of the price.”

Cars Registry also provides complimentary services to dealerships to transition their websites to the new domains and maximize SEO benefits: “The transition from to STL.Cars by the Cars Registry white-glove team was extremely simple, and enabled us to maintain our search engine ranking, SEO, and emails in the process,” continued Hill.

Immediately following the trademark period, a public priority registration period will begin on January 12th to give anyone – regardless of whether they are a trademark holder or not – the opportunity to register any available domains for a premium fee before they enter general availability. On January 20th, the domains become open to the public through Cars Registry’s many retailers, including Network Solutions and GoDaddy.

“Two letter and three letter .com domains are 100% registered, and can re-sell for hundreds of thousands and, in some cases, millions of dollars on the secondary market. On the other hand, all .Cars, .Car, and .Auto domains will cost the same standard registration fee,” continued Negari. “This represents the first and last expansion in automotive naming. Businesses of all types – from dealerships to manufacturers – can now establish an authoritative web presence using .Cars, .Car, and .Auto domains to drive their brand.”

To learn more about .Cars, .Car, and .Auto, visit http://www.Go.Cars.


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  1. Seriously, what is the point they are all going to be reserved with a fine tooth comb?

    You have a better chance of backordering a dropping thru godaddy

  2. And the award for dumbest argument of the week goes to – surprise, surprise – Daniel Negari:

    “The top 25,000 most popular websites are, on average, eight characters long, while the average .com domain consisting of the word “cars,” “car,” or “auto” is an unwieldy 13 characters long.”

    1. is 13 characters long. Mon Dieu! Fortunately Submarine.Cars is only 9 characters long … because “Cars” doesn’t count as part of the name once the dot has moved????

    In other words, Negari claims to be shortening domains by 5 letters; but he just stopped counting the letters in his own keyword TLD. Cute.

    Very few domains containing “cars” or “auto” – regardless of whether it appears to the left or right of the dot – will ever rank among the top 25,000 websites. Such websites tend to be self-contained brands like Ebay, Amazon, and Google – brand names without encumbering keywords.

    Yes, the top 25,000 websites use shorter domains on average. They also mostly use .COM. Negari implies that consumers should emulate the top 25,000 websites. Very well. Let them do so in every particular.

    • Agreed on most of it. Plus unlike what Nigari saying, I don’t think they will cost standard registration fee for most good domains. Sure some crap will be standard, but majority will be premium.

  3. Make sense that they partnered up, otherwise would be cutting each other throats in pricing. This way they get to milk cash cow by colliding on pricing model…. Then again, that’s pretty much name of the game for every domain registry out there.

  4. I’m covered up in junk .coms but if they ever get to these I’m on board!


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