.CLUB Auction: 24 Of 26 Domains Sell For $134,654 (PC .CLUB $9,750 – C .CLUB Gets $40,000 Bid)

club-new-gtldΤhe first ever .club domain name auction in China concluded in partnership with EJEE’s Eachnic.com platform. The auction featured 25 2-character .club domains and the 1-character domain name c.club. 24 out of the 26 domains met the reserve and were sold.

PC.CLUB was sold for $9,750. Mike Berkens of Right of the Dot was the successful buyer of PC.club for $9,750 as he revealed it on his blog.

The domain names mh.club and c.club didn’t meet the reserve but were came close. C.club got a $40,000 bid. The reserve was $50,000.

This was .CLUB’s first auction in China, and the first auction held on EachNic’s fully bi-lingual platform.  While the auction was held in China, it was very important for the registry that bidding was open and easy for anyone to participate in English or Chinese and the EachNic team, with support from Allegravita.

3 names (54% of those sold) exceeded their reserve, and 9 names (37.5% of those sold) exceeded their reserve by 10% or more.  5 names (21% 0f those sold) exceeded their reserve by 20% or more.  The average price paid for the 24 names sold was $5,610.58.

Here are the auction results:

Domain Name Price Reserve Met
js.club $5750 YES
jc.club $5500 YES
hj.club $5000 YES
gz.club $5000 YES
ym.club $5000 YES
dk.club $5000 YES
yx.club $5250 YES
qc.club $6050 YES
pk.club $5500 YES
sq.club $5251 YES
zj.club $6001 YES
cg.club $5000 YES
zs.club $5000 YES
kf.club $5000 YES
ds.club $5751 YES
zq.club $6600 YES
tb.club $5000 YES
yc.club $5000 YES
yq.club $5000 YES
gw.club $5000 YES
jd.club $5250 YES
pj.club $5000 YES
ly.club $7751 YES
c.club $40000 NO
mh.club $4900 NO

(The sales prices are correct except for a $250 bid that I missed. It was made on one of the domains that are listed for $5000 above. Not sure which one. The .Club registry did not released the final results.)

You can find here the last .club monthly sales report for October and search for all past .club domain name sales at Sold.Domains.


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