The Domain Name Transfer Process (video)

godaddyLearn about the domain transfer process from start to finish from this new Go Daddy video.

A lot of people find it difficult to transfer a domain name from one registrar to another. This video will make it easier for them to understand the domain name transfer basics.

Watch the video here:

Here is the description of the video:

Hi there. In this video, we’ll provide an overview of domain name transfer process at GoDaddy.

This video is the first of four in the Transfer a Domain Name to GoDaddy course.

Transferring a domain name isn’t difficult, but it does take time and involves several steps, all of which must be done in order.
The process steps covered in this course are specific to GoDaddy, and apply to many common domain extensions, including .com,
.org, and .net.

If your domain is not one of these three, you should view the help article specific to your domain’s extension to determine if this process is applicable, or you need to use another method of domain transfer.

There are eight steps in the domain name transfer process. Some steps are simple and quick; however, others may require the
assistance of your current registrar and involve more time.

Steps one through four are preparation steps that ensure your domain name can be transferred easily and lawfully from your
current registrar. Steps five through eight represent the actual transfer process into your GoDaddy account.

The domain name transfer process starts at your current registrar, where you’ll: ensure that your domain name is not privately
registered; unlock your domain name; visit the ICANN WHOIS website to verify that the domain name’s Administrative Contact info is correct and that it’s eligible for transfer; and then get an authorization or EPP code from your current registrar.

With preparation complete, your domain name is ready for the actual transfer process. At GoDaddy, you’ll purchase your domain name transfer; watch for a GoDaddy transfer confirmation email that contains your two purchase codes; use your Authorization, or EPP code from your current registrar, and your two purchase codes from GoDaddy to approve the transfer in; and monitor the status of your transfer as desired.

What’s next? Well… practice being patient. The processing time for a domain transfer can take up to seven business days from
the date on which you entered your approval codes. When your transfer is officially complete, GoDaddy will send you an email to
let you know, and ask you to double-check your domain’s contact information on our site.

Here’s one final look at all the steps for transferring a domain name.

Yes, there are a lot of steps, and some may take more time than others; but understanding the overall process and the order in
which it must occur, will promote a smoother domain name transfer.

Are you ready to start a domain name transfer, or just want to learn more? Watch Video 2 in this series for a detailed description of steps one through four in the domain name transfer process.


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  1. The domain transfer process needs to be made easier by registrars. People wouldn’t be with GoDaddy if they knew how to transfer domains. Also ICANN should scrap the 60 day transfer rule.

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