DN.com 2015 Q1 Report: 170 Domain Names Sold For $2.7 Million

dn_com_300_250_2DN.com published its 2015 Q1 Report. More than 6 months have passed since the first launch of DN.com last September. DN.com sold 170 domain names in the past 3 months for a total of $2.7 million USD. This is an average of $15,882 per domain name. Here is the 2015 Q1 report from DN.com: dn-com-1 Monthly Gross Payment dn-com-2 Prices dn-com-3                 Average Price Per Transaction dn-com-4 Extensions and Average Prices dn-com-5 Transactions by Country dn-com-6


About Konstantinos Zournas

Studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and now living in Athens, Greece. Love domains and building websites. Went online in 1995, learned about HTML in 1996 and about domains in 2002. Started publishing the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. One of those was mine, and I was impressed with their services, and quick payout

  2. Domain Observer

    I am sure DN.com will beat escrow.com in the domain field in 3 years.

    • I am not sure about that.
      DN.com still has a lot of problems. Paypal payments don’t quite work etc.
      Also it is based in China and many people including me don’t have a lot of faith in the Chinese government.
      Also escrow.com does a lot of other things except domain names.

      • 100% agree with Konstantinos here. Escrow.com has a huge amount of services and even though their domain service is at slightly higher price than DN.com, I haven’t heard many complaints.

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