Idiot Registers Domains StevenPaulJobs.Science & Bill-Gates.Science And Wants $1M USD

noAn idiot registered last week 3 .science domains names are are being offered for free. He thinks that he can get $1,000,000 for each of them.

The domain names are, and

The only one of the 3 domains that is resolving is that is for sale for $1,000,000. He even left out a zero… Look at his website:


The only smart thing he did was use a fake name, address and phone number doing these registrations: John Doe.

Sad thing is that I was able to find his true name in 1 minute. He is from Bangladesh. I will not post his details but it is very easy to find.

He even made a post about his purchases on First reply he got was $0. I think that was a pretty generous appraisal!

“But why? I saw sold in 80,000 dollar… What about that???”, he said.

He then claimed he sold for $34,000 and even posted a fake sales record.

“.science is the new trendy domain.
And to all posters in this thread I just sold to a bill gates science club via after nic. He’s going to wire me 34,000 Dollar. My asking price was 1 million. But caught in 34,000.
Cool huh???
Still waiting for my next two domains of Techmaster Stevejobs. I developed a site . Check it”

He finally wrote “i hate blackhatworld” and disappeared. (or was banned)

This reminds me of someone I loved that claimed a $80,000 offer…

This is what happens when you offer domain names for free. You get spammers, scammers, trademark infringement and worse. No wonder how .science has 240,149 domain name registrations today according to .Science is probably destroyed by this and will take years to recover, if ever.

But even ifyou don’t offer domains for free you get the occasional “Dumbass Selling Lenovo.Solutions On eBay For $6 Million“.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Why do you call the guy: IDIOT ???
    You and your BLOG are a big, big S – – – T

  2. I just registered my daughters name .science. I’m selling it for $ 1 Billion.

  3. my respect for you is diminishing. i’ve been following you for a while and that was the stupidest post i’ve ever seen you make. but i still consider you great. you’re like way better than that domain shane guy.

    • Ok. I respect your opinion but you didn’t tell me why.

      • ’cause i’m drunk and if you go to ebay and check out the 20.000 names for sale none of them are worth shit.
        yes… stupid people register stupid names. but you put it up like it was news. still think you’re a great domain blogger though… but don’t quote me on that.

      • This is not about worthless domains. This is about trademarked worthless domains. And the whole situation with the fake sale and tens of comments on that post was very interesting.

  4. I like your blog !!
    Very well researched news ! and from time to time some good entertainment like this post here.
    And your style is cool, still saying directly what you think. This makes your blog transparent.
    Thank you

    btw .. Idiot yes, but the design of is nice 🙂
    btw2 .. science was a good extension with future potential (good mix of technology and school and better then both). but this give it for free was a big fail. science shakes the hand with xyz now. very very sad ! I hope the reputation of science will change some where in the future.

  5. Apart from none of those domains is on the TMCH list and are perfectly legal to register.
    If i want to register a domain for free, or for cost and it isn’t a clear brand and then try and sell it, I’m perfectly within my rights. Admittedly the domains aren’t premium nor worth anything apart from to him or someone called Steve or Bill and i think we have all seen this guy around the forums trying to sell worthless domains for millions and been called out many many times, its not a crime being an idiot.
    I’m not sure if “.Science is probably destroyed by this and will take years to recover, if ever.” was sarcasm or you being a man of straw….

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